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The maximum drop is 60,000! Another joint venture brand discount

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On December 6th, Chevrolet officially announced that the purchase of the Chevrolet SUV family will be limited to a maximum discount of 60, 000 from December 1 to December 31, 2023.

Chevrolet, the largest brand under General Motors Group, was founded on November 3, 1911 and introduced into China by SAIC GM on January 18, 2005, becoming the third largest brand under SAIC GM. According to the official website, Chevrolet's models currently on sale include Marebo XL, Coruze, Kowoz, Chuangku RS, Chuangjie, Trailblazer, Explorer, Star Milo and other models.

In this time-limited offer, Chevrolet said that trailblazers and explorers have a time-limited discount of up to 60,000 yuan. At present, the price range for trailblazers is 194900-266900 yuan; for explorers, it is 184900-239900 yuan. Calculated according to the maximum time-limited discount of 60, 000 yuan, it means that the price after the trailblazer discount is 134900 yuan, while that of the explorer is 124900 yuan.

In addition to the above two models, between December 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, the purchase of the Coruze will give away a full tank of service.

This is the third time that Chevrolet has launched a discount and price reduction since 2023. In March this year, Chevrolet launched a subsidy for all-line models, ranging from 20,000 to 70,000 yuan. Among them, the Trail Blazers subsidized up to 70, 000 yuan; in September, a number of Chevrolet models, including the Coruze, the Trail Blazers, the Malibu XL and the Boundary Explorer, cut prices by 15000 to 65000 yuan. Among them, the Kruze family reduced the price by 30, 000 yuan, the trailblazer reduced the price by 15000 yuan, and Malibao XL and the explorer both reduced the price by 65000 yuan.

A number of Chevrolet models cut prices in September

In fact, as one of the joint venture brands, Chevrolet has a lot of products, including cars, SUV and new energy vehicles, but its sense of existence in China is not high.

SAIC GM's Chevrolet sales totaled 145822 vehicles from January to October, compared with 206178 in 2022, according to FIFA retail data. In terms of vehicle segments, the top three Chevrolet models sold in the first 10 months of this year were the Coruze, the Malibu XL and the Frontier Explorer, with sales of 102024, 13450 and 10546 respectively, while the rest were less than 6000. For example, Changxun, Xingmailo, Chuangjie and Trail Blazers sold 5665, 5521, 3953 and 2837 respectively.

As for whether it can boost Chevrolet sales after this discount, it remains to be verified. It should be noted that near the end of the year, "price for volume" is almost one of the effective measures for many car brands to impact sales. According to incomplete statistics, since December, more than 15 domestic car companies have participated in the price war by means of concessions or price reductions, with preferential intensity in the range of 10,000 to 30,000 yuan, of which Ji Yue 01, which has been listed for only one month or so, has dropped by 30,000.

"Automotive Industry concern" believes that car price reduction promotion can indeed boost sales in the short term, but at the same time, the impact of "price for volume" on the automobile industry is also two-sided. For the entire auto market, a price war is not a long-term solution. Although price cuts can stimulate car sales and ease inventory pressure in the industry, frequent "price wars" will also squeeze the profit space of enterprises.

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