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Xiaopeng car official announced a price reduction!

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On December 8, Xiaopeng announced that the "XNGP Kaesong limited time benefit" will be launched from December 8 to December 17: the maximum discount for all Xiaopeng P7i models is 26000 yuan, of which the Max version starts at 224900 yuan.

Xiaopeng's price reduction has attracted much attention because it is the only company in Wei Xiaoli that has publicly reduced its price, and the reason behind the price reduction is, on the one hand, the crazy internal volume of the major car companies. in the context of exchanging profits for sales, Xiaopeng further threatens Xiaopeng's market position, while Xiaopeng P7i price reduction is to some extent to ensure market competitiveness. On the other hand, Xiaopeng is at a low ebb. The P7 was once Xiaopeng's best-selling model, falling to third place after the launch of the G6 and the new G9. The price cut is to revive market sales as much as possible. At present, the market environment of Xiaopeng P7 has been very different. New power, new energy brands of traditional automobile enterprises and new energy vehicles of joint venture brands are all aimed at the electric vehicle market of 20 to 300000 yuan, although this market share is relatively low, but it has changed from the blue sea to the red sea.

It is understood that the Xiaopeng P7i is a medium-term modification of the P7 model, which was officially launched on March 10, when the 702 rear-drive version and 610 performance version were launched, and on November 6, a new 550 rear-drive version was added to further lower the threshold for car purchase. According to Xiaopeng's official website, the models on sale of Xiaopeng P7i include 550 rear drive version, 702 rear drive version and 610 performance version, all of which offer Pro and Max versions for consumers to choose from, with a starting price of 223900 yuan for 550 rear drive version, 249900 yuan for 702 rear drive version and 289900 yuan for 610 performance version.

The discount of Xiaopeng car for P7i is not a direct drop in cash, but a comprehensive discount. 702Make610 version can enjoy 10000 yuan cash subsidy or 24-period 0-interest financial plan, 5000 yuan insurance subsidy to upgrade Dana Confidence series original audio (value 6000 yuan, Pengyi version subsidy 60000 points), "1 yuan e-commerce activity coupon" is worth 5000 yuan cash subsidy, the activity time is from December 8, 2023 to December 17, 2023.

Towards the end of the year, more and more car companies begin to reduce prices to seize the market, and hope to achieve the annual sales target as much as possible. According to the preliminary calculation of the Tramway report, as of December 8, more than 15 auto brands, including BYD (including Ocean net / Dynasty net), Changan Automobile (including Qiyuan / Deep Blue / Auchan), Zero running Motor, Jiyue Motor, Geely Automobile, Nahan Automobile, Zhiji Automobile, Shenlong Automobile, FAW Toyota, etc., have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reductions, time-limited promotions, time-limited subsidies and other forms. The models involved are mainly new energy vehicles.

BYD Dynasty announced on December 1 that it will launch a time-limited discount for oil to electricity, that is, the fuel transfer fund activity, which covers some models of Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, of which Han EV champion version can enjoy up to 20, 000 yuan fuel transfer fund. BYD said that this move is aimed at comprehensively popularizing DM-i hybrid technology and comprehensively accelerating the process of "oil-to-electricity". At the same time, consumers can also enjoy a discount of 2000 yuan and 7000 yuan when buying seal DM-i models, and this promotion is limited to December.

After BYD fired its first shot at the price cut in December, auto companies including Changan Automobile, Zhiji Automobile and Zero Auto all launched a new exclusive car purchase policy, while more and more traditional car companies, such as FAW-Volkswagen's ID, are taking part in the market price cut. Pure limited edition, the current guidance price is 147900 yuan.

Behind the price reduction promotion, we still hope to achieve the goal as much as possible. Among the 11 new energy vehicle companies counted by the Tramcar report, in fact, only ideal cars have achieved the target of annual sales of 300000 vehicles, while other models are still far from the target. BYD sold a total of 2.672 million vehicles in the previous November, with a target completion rate of 89%. 328000 vehicles need to be sold in the last month to achieve the target. But BYD is also the only company after the ideal car that can hope to achieve the set goal, while Xiaopeng's sales completion rate is only 60%, which is likely to fail.

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