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Or name Yuan up? BYD's new SUV declaration picture is exposed.

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration catalogue, "Automotive Industry concern" found that a brand new SUV model of BYD appears in the declaration catalogue. The tail mark of the new car is marked with the word "Yuan up". It is expected that the new car may be named Yuan up, which also belongs to the dynasty net series.

From the declaration chart, the appearance of the new car adopts a brand-new design style. The front face is designed with a popular closed grille, with long and narrow headlights on both sides, connected by a black panel, and inlaid with the word "yuan" in the middle to highlight its own identity. The front enclosure has a unique shape and uses a large area of blackening treatment to make the vehicle look younger and more fashionable as a whole.

On the side of the body, the new car looks compact, with a suspended roof and a hidden door handle, and the charging port is located on the front wing. According to the declaration information, the new car will offer 16-inch and 17-inch rims. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4310/1830/1675mm, wheelbase is 2620mm, the overall size is not large, it is expected to position a small SUV. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with a brand-new Chinese knot type through light belt, the bottom is the "BYD" letter logo, the bottom "yuan up" tail mark also further enhance the recognition of the vehicle. In addition, the new car is equipped with a large-size diffuser to enhance the sense of refinement. The rear encirclement and the side skirt edge adopt the design style that echoes the front encirclement, and the black trim panel and the addition of chromium plating elements add more cross-country flavor to the vehicle.

As for interior design, it has not yet been announced. In terms of power, the new car uses pure electric drive, providing high and low power drive motors with a maximum power of 70 kilowatts and 130 kilowatts respectively, equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.

From the perspective of the declaration information of the new car, the overall appearance design of the new car is still quite eye-catching, and the subsequent listing can have a good sales performance if the price is reasonable.

As the largest new energy car manufacturer in China, BYD has a total layout of dynasty, ocean, momentum, look up and equation leopard brands, with product prices ranging from one million luxury to 100000 yuan. And a number of products dominate the passenger car market segment. Among them, dynasty net and ocean net are the main sales sources of BYD at present. In November, for example, dynasty and sold 288500 vehicles, up 27.4% from a year earlier, while Tengli was 11800, looking up to 408 and equation leopard 626.

In addition to this declared model, BYD is speeding up the launch of more new products to seize market share. At the 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show, BYD's new model, Haishi 07 EV, made its global debut. The new car, BYD's first medium-sized pure electric SUV, is based on the BYD e platform 3.0 and is expected to sell in the range of 200000-260000 yuan. In addition, according to the plan, BYD's ocean car system based on e-platform 3.0 will include seagulls, dolphins and pure electric seals positioned as A0-class cars. BYD official said: "in the future, BYD Ocean Network will integrate SUV models into 'Sea Lion IP',' car models into 'Seal IP',' to form a 'Gemini' strategy."

According to the latest official figures, BYD sold 2.6834 million cars from January to November 2023, up 64.29% from a year earlier. According to the annual sales target of 3 million vehicles, BYD needs to reach its sales target of 316600 vehicles in December, which is a record that BYD has never had before, which is more or less stressful than YD, but it is not expected to be a big problem.

Earlier, industry insiders said that with the launch of a number of models, BYD is expected to deliver more than 960000 new cars in the fourth quarter, with a cumulative delivery volume of more than 3.04 million for the whole year.

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