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From 355900 yuan, Lexus RZ 300e is listed on the market.

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On December 15, Lexus's pure electric medium-sized SUV "brand new RZ 300e" was officially launched, with a total of two models, with a price range of 35.59-379900 yuan.

The new car is a new model of Lexus RZ. In terms of appearance, the overall shape of the new car is not much different from that of the previous Lexus RZ 450e. Specifically, the front face of the new car uses a fully enclosed spindle air intake grille design, the interior is inlaid with the lightable brand LOGO, the shape lines of the headlights on both sides are fierce, and the black air intake is used under the headlights, so the overall recognition is very high.

On the side of the body, the lines of the new car are complex, the roof shows a suspended effect, and the three-dimensional sense of the overall waistline is very sufficient, with sunken roof and back-shaped rear window, showing the body style of the sedan car SUV. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4805/1895/1635mm and the wheelbase is 2850mm, which is consistent with RZ 450e. In the rear part, the protruding rear door of the new car forms the style of a small spoiler, and at the bottom is the popular through light belt design. In addition, the rear of the new car does not carry the brand LOGO, but the word "LEXUS" appears in the middle of the taillight, there is no lack of recognition.

In the interior part, the design of the new car is also the same as that of the RZ 450e, providing three kinds of interior color matching. The car is equipped with functions such as Mark Levinson sound system, mobile phone wireless fast charging, Lexus Safety System+ driving assistance system and so on. In terms of power, the new RZ 300e is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 150kW, with a total capacity of 72.8kwh ternary lithium battery pack, CLTC comprehensive operating range of up to 614km.

The Lexus RZ 450e went on sale on February 14 this year with a price range of 36.99-459900 yuan. The car, the first all-electric model based on the e-TNGA architecture, will compete with BMW iX3 and Mercedes-Benz EQC models, including the Lai ES6, ideal L7/L8 and Xiaopeng G9 as potential rivals.

The appearance of the new car adopts the latest family design style, the front face is a closed intake grille and adopts the same color design of the car body, the headlights on both sides are hook-shaped design, and the black decorative panel of the fog lamp area is in contrast to the China net. The lower front enclosure is a flat air inlet and forms an integrated effect with the headlights on both sides, which makes the visual effect of the whole front of the car more powerful. On the side of the body, the new car uses complex lines, multiple waistlines with two-color body design to bring a unique visual effect, the hub part also uses multiple strips of wheels to enhance the movement flavor of the whole car. In the rear part, the new car adopts the popular through taillight and slip back styling design, the overall design feeling is relatively popular, and the word "LEXUS" at the rear increases the recognition of the new car. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4805/1895/1635mm, wheelbase 2850mm, positioning medium-sized SUV, which is basically similar to the profile of Toyota bZ4X.

In the interior part, the new car is equipped with full liquid crystal meter, embedded central touch screen, traditional circular steering wheel and electronic knob shift mechanism, which is full of science and technology. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a dual-motor drive system with a maximum power of 230kW and a maximum torque of 435N ·m.

It is understood that the new RZ 300e on the market is adjusted on the basis of Lexus RZ 450e. The main difference is that the new car uses a single motor front drive system. After the launch of the new RZ 300e, the threshold for buying RZ series cars will be further lowered.

In February, Toyota president Henoji Sato said Toyota planned to develop a "next generation" all-electric Lexus model by 2026 in response to growing demand in the luxury car market, with the RZ as Lexus's first all-electric model based on the e-TNGA platform, which is seen as a new starting point for the electrification of the Lexus brand. According to the plan, by 2025, Lexus will launch 20 new or modified models, including more than 10 models covering all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid models, when Lexus will be transformed into a pure electric brand. However, compared with the "first-tier luxury" brand BBA, Lexus as a "second-tier luxury" brand to enter the process of electrification is relatively slow, as for the Lexus RZ as a representative of Lexus exclusive pure electric models, the market performance after the launch of the new car remains to be seen.

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