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Go to hot search! Lulai CEO completes the challenge of 1000 km range

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Recently, understanding the winter test of Che Emperor has attracted a lot of attention both inside and outside the industry. Well, Li Bin, CEO of Xilai, announced in his personal Weibo yesterday that he would drive an ET7 from Shanghai at 06:30 today to test how far the 150-degree battery pack can go on the highway.

It is understood that Li Bin's goal is to test whether the 150-degree battery pack can complete a range of 1000 kilometers, and start the live broadcast throughout the process. As of press time, more than 2.06 million people have watched the Weibo broadcast room of Lulai Motor. The test has driven 1016 kilometers, the remaining electricity is 6%, the comprehensive power consumption of the journey is 13.2kWh, the ambient temperature is 12 ℃, and the temperature in the car is 18 ℃.

The data show that the 150kWh battery package mainly uses solid-liquid mixed electrolyte and the energy density is 360Wh/kg, which belongs to semi-solid battery. The main advantage of semi-solid battery is the mixed electrolyte battery of liquid electrolyte and solid electrolyte, which uses silicon-carbon composite as negative electrode and ultra-high nickel material as positive electrode. The performance of this kind of battery can be more stable at high and low temperatures. Of course, the cost of such high technology is not low. Qin Lihong, president of Xilai, revealed earlier that the cost of 150kWh's solid-state battery pack is close to the price of an Xilai ET5. For reference, the price of ET5 is 328000 yuan.

Low temperature in winter has a certain impact on the battery life of electric vehicles. This makes consumers attach great importance to the actual range of new energy vehicles. Li Bin personally drove the ET7 to carry out the test and successfully completed the 1000 km driving challenge.

It is worth noting that in today's live broadcast of Li Bin, he Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, a new force in car building, personally commented on cheering for Li Bin, and Li Bin also had a phone call with he Xiaopeng during the live broadcast. On the phone, Li Bin said that 1000 kilometers should not be a big problem, but today the temperature is relatively low, only-2 ℃ when starting from Shanghai, and at present it is less than 10 ℃, so the impact is still relatively great.

Li Bin also suggested in the live broadcast, "in the future, the CEO of the major car companies will personally test the real range of their electric vehicles." At the same time, Li Bin said that the main purpose of today's test is to let everyone know that electric cars can go wherever fuel vehicles can go. As to why the release of the 150kWh battery pack was a little late than planned, it said it was mainly because the technology was too advanced. Later, with the upgradeable power exchange service, it can solve the needs of a small number of users in scenarios and ease users' worries about battery life.

For, Li Bin personally tested the 150-degree battery, also attracted a lot of netizens' discussion. Many netizens questioned the battery life of 90km/h during the live broadcast test. In response, Li Bin also responded that if the speed is maintained at 110km/h, the range will indeed be shorter, eventually at about 900km, and the time used will be reduced by about 15 per cent. It is a pleasure to drive 1000 kilometers in 90km/h today, and the most important thing is safety first. In the future, we will arrange for you to test how much you can last at speeds of 110km / h and 120km / h.

Some automobile professionals said: the test speed is only between 80 and 90 kilometers per hour, but it is understandable, because the measured purpose is to run 1000 kilometers, so it must be different from the daily driving mode, mainly in the relative best energy consumption condition area. However, from the propaganda level, we should weaken the feeling of the daily actual range test, and the publicity should emphasize that it is a challenge, which is reasonable.

There are also industry insiders suggest: if from the perspective of pure testing, there is such a long distance, sufficient time, it is possible to measure the energy consumption corresponding to 80amp 100amp 120. It is recommended that after ensuring a certain range of mileage (say 850), let go for a run, so that the final result will be more topical.

In addition, some netizens pointed out that in the follow-up, we can open a live broadcast of a real environment test and run according to the speed limit, so that the range can be returned to reality so that the reference will be stronger. It is true that 90 is not so referential all the time. If it is tested at a high speed of 90, it is somewhat similar to the paper parameters, which is of little reference significance. After all, it will not be so open in the real environment. If you run with the truth, you can really highlight the strength of the 150-degree battery.

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