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Ask the M9 rear-end bus! Official response

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Before the official launch of the M9, there was a "first collision" and rear-end collision of the bus.

Recently, some netizens have posted several pictures on the Internet about the rear-end collision of the M9 bus, which has also attracted a lot of attention. From the exposed picture, we can see that the boundary M9 hit the rear of the bus, and the position of the front hatch can be seen obviously being hit and bent. At the same time, the position of the headlights seems to have been rubbed. It is understood that the accident occurred in Chengdu.

In response to the occurrence of the accident, some netizens commented and questioned: is AEB not involved? The data show that AEB can detect the distance between the vehicle or obstacle in front of it through radar, analyze it through electronic control unit, judge whether there is a risk of collision according to different distance and speed, issue an alarm to the driver, maximize automatic emergency braking or slow down the vehicle, so as to reduce the probability of collision with the vehicle or pedestrian in front and avoid accidents.

In this regard, some netizens replied: the AEB system has played a role, it is the driver's misoperation led to the accident. In addition, some netizens posted that the accident occurred in Chengdu and the vehicle was a test drive provided by the manufacturer for the media. It also revealed that the vehicle was in a state of human driving and had already started AEB deceleration and steering to avoid before the collision. Perhaps because the road condition is complex, the driver is not familiar with the active safety function of the boundary, and he is too nervous to intervene actively, and some misoperations lead to the rear-end collision.

After the accident, some media contacted the official customer service, and the customer service responded that "the cause of the accident was the rear-end collision caused by the driver's misoperation, which did not cause any injury, and has cooperated with the traffic police to deal with the relevant work."

Last night, Selis officials also released a "statement on the M9 traffic accident" on the incident, in which officials said that the vehicle was in a state of intelligent driving before the collision and that the driver intervened while driving, resulting in a rear-end collision caused by the withdrawal of intelligent driving. No one was injured in the accident, and the driver has also completed the handling work with the traffic police. In addition, officials also said that in the driving state, the permission of human driving is always higher than that of the intelligent driving system, and called on users to pay attention to travel safety.

Relevant data show that the M9 is the third model of MJ, which is called "the best SUV in 10 million" by Huawei Yu Chengdong. The new car, a large SUV, will be unveiled and pre-sold on the eve of the Shanghai auto show, with a pre-price of 50-600000 yuan. It is official that the new car will be officially launched on December 26.

In terms of appearance, the M9 uses a new family design language, the front face is equipped with a closed large grille, and the polygonal headlights on both sides are connected by a central light belt, which greatly improves the visual effect of the vehicle. The body is equipped with hidden door handles and two-color 21-inch multi-spoke rims, the outline of the window is decorated with silver trim, the silver decoration at the bottom of the door and the design of the collision roof make the car look more layered. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5230/1999/1800mm and the wheelbase is 3110mm.

Interior decoration, the overall style is simple, using an integrated triple screen design. In terms of seats, the six-seat layout of 2-2-2 is adopted. In terms of power, it provides two kinds of power forms: extended range and pure electricity, in which the pure electric version is equipped with double motors, the maximum power is 160 kilowatts and 230 kilowatts respectively, and the comprehensive maximum power of the system is 390 kilowatts. The extended-range model is equipped with an incremental hybrid system composed of 1.5T four-cylinder booster and double motors. the maximum power of the engine is 112 kilowatts, and the maximum power of the front and rear drive motors is 165 kilowatts and 200 kilowatts.

It is worth noting that although the M9 has not yet been officially launched, it has only opened the pre-sale. But it has been favored by many users in the market. According to Selis insiders to the media, the M9 since the pre-sale, the number of bookings has reached nearly 40,000.

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