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Xiaomi Automobile statement: leaked employees will never be hired!

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On the evening of December 19, a spokesman for Xiaomi issued a "statement on malicious leaks and rumors related to Xiaomi cars" on Weibo.

Xiaomi said that a large number of malicious leaks and false rumors about Xiaomi cars appeared online, and the media involved intentionally leaked confidential equipment without permission in the case of signing a "confidentiality commitment" and knowing the confidentiality obligations and corresponding penalties. Verified by Xiaomi Group's secrecy management team, the personnel involved have admitted that they have violated the obligation of confidentiality. After communicating with its affiliated media, Xiaomi Automobile will hold the two men and their affiliated media responsible for leaking secrets in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the "confidentiality undertaking" signed by both parties, including not limited to public apologies and fines.

Earlier, there were media reports that the scene photos of Xiaomi cars appeared on the network, suspected to be caused by media leaks. The car involved in the leak is Xiaomi SU7, the first car model built for Xiaomi, and the content involved is the static experience spy photo of Xiaomi SU7. In this regard, Xiaomi car-related sources responded to the media that it has locked the leaked media and will be held accountable according to the signed "confidentiality commitment letter". The amount of the confidentiality agreement signed is 3 million yuan, which means that the media may be claimed for 3 million yuan.

At the same time, Xiaomi Motor also announced in a statement that in November and December 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department, in order to collect "consulting fees" while on the job, without permission to participate in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokerages and investment institutions, concocting and spreading a large number of errors and false information, seriously misleading the market and disrupting the normal business of Xiaomi Automobile.

A spokesman for Xiaomi said that the above three employees seriously violated the Code of Conduct of Xiaomi Group employees and the confidentiality obligations stipulated by the company. Xiaomi Group has dismissed them, never hired them, and will be investigated for legal liability in accordance with the law.

At present, the first model of Xiaomi car has appeared in the declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The declaration chart shows that the first model of Xiaomi car is a pure electric sedan, the models are SU7 and SU7 Max. In terms of appearance, the overall design language of Xiaomi SU7 is very concise and dynamic, the body profile is similar to Porsche Taycan, using slip-back styling design, its direct use of Xiaomi car logo. In the rear part, the millet SU7 uses through-type taillight group modeling, the rear logo is "xiaomi" pinyin style, the lower left corner is the "Beijing Xiaomi" logo, and the lower right corner is the "SU7" logo, which also means that Beijing Automobile Group off-road vehicle Co., Ltd. has become the OEM of Xiaomi Automobile, the former is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and the actual control is Beijing SASAC.

Since Xiaomi entered the auto circle, the progress of its car construction has been concerned by the industry. As the last major entrepreneurial project in Lei Jun's life, he also paid special attention to Xiaomi car. "Xiaomi invested 3400 engineers in its first car and invested more than 10 billion in research and development, and we spent more than 10 times as much," Lei Jun said in a recent interview. with such an assurance, anyway, I did it in a way that I was determined to win. "

As for when Xiaomi cars will be mass produced and put on the market? Earlier, it was reported that Xiaomi SU7 may make its debut on December 28, but this information has not been officially confirmed. Lei Jun had previously posted on Weibo: "Xiaomi car is progressing very smoothly and will be officially launched in the first half of next year." when the time is right, I will focus on reporting to you. "

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