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800000 yuan! The ET9 model starts pre-sale.

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On December 23rd, ET9, the first luxury car owned by Xilai, was officially unveiled at NIO Day 2023 and opened for pre-sale. The new car is priced at 800000 yuan and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2025. According to the official promotional map, ET9 is the crystallization of the full stack technology layout and the world's leading technology, with 17 global premiere technologies, 52 peer leading technologies, and 525 patents have been applied for. It is the administrative flagship of the intelligent electric era defined by innovative technology.

It is understood that the new car positioning large luxury car, based on the NT3.0 platform to build. In terms of appearance, ET9 uses a concise and stylish design language, with a closed front grille on the front face, highlighting the special identity of new energy. Both sides are equipped with Double Dash daily running lights and bilateral wide-angle lidar to enhance the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. The rear part of the car is designed with through-type taillights.

In the aspect of car body, the use of aircraft body design, equipped with hidden door handles, combined with the design of the rear part of the vehicle, greatly improves the sports atmosphere of the vehicle. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5325mm*2016mm*1620mm and wheelbase 3250mm respectively.

In terms of interior decoration, ET9 adopts four-seat layout. Equipped with a full LCD dashboard, a 12.8in suspension central control screen and a HUD look-up display, a rectangular steering wheel is used for steering. The biggest highlight of the official ET9 interior is the use of innovative "Sky Island" and "administrative bridge" designs to create four exclusive first-class seat space experiences. In addition, in the second row, an administrative table with 360 °stepless adjustment is designed, which can be adjusted at any angle.

At the technical level, equipped with "SkyRide Skyline Intelligent chassis system", the three core hardware systems of wire steering, rear wheel steering and full active suspension can be integrated. Each shock absorber is highly integrated with independent electro-hydraulic pump, brushless DC motor responds quickly and completes information processing, calculation and response in 1 millisecond. At the same time, ET9 also adopts aviation industry-grade "on-line steering" technology, where the steering wheel and steering motor are transmitted through electrical signals, and there is no need to cross the steering wheel in low-speed parking, U-turn and other scenarios, and with the standard rear wheel steering system with a maximum rear wheel angle of 8.3 °, a minimum turning diameter of 10.9m is achieved.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the front 180 kilowatt induction motor and the rear 340 kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motor. The battery is equipped with 46105 large cylindrical batteries with a capacity of 120kWh, energy density of 292Wh/kg, maximum charge rate of 5C, peak charging power up to 600kW, peak current up to 772A and recharge 255km for 5 minutes. In terms of competitive products, after the launch of the new car, it will compete with Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Porsche Palamera and other models.

It is worth noting that it is not surprising for Xilai to launch a luxury car. Earlier, Li Bin said that the high-end pure electric new energy vehicle market is expected to usher in an inflection point of explosive growth around 2024 and 2025. It points out that the high-end pure electric car market has not seen explosive growth in the past two years due to inadequate infrastructure and soaring lithium prices. At the same time, at the recent media communication meeting, Li Bin also reiterated that Weilai has been committed to the high-end market and will not trade price for quantity. Li Bin pointed out, for example, that the Weilai brand will not launch a model with a lower price than the ET5 model, but will continue to develop upward and attack the high-end market with new flagship models.

Li Bin also attaches great importance to the arrival of new cars, saying that ET9 has many innovative technologies and will lead the development trend of intelligent electric vehicle technology. In terms of the pre-sale price of new cars, ET9 may not only undertake the task of improving net profit, but also represent the determination of Lulai to build a high-end brand. However, it takes time to build a high-end brand, and in the Chinese market, most consumers prefer traditional luxury brands such as BBA. It remains to be seen whether the emergence of ET9 can stand out in the high-end market.

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