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BYD will enter the Japanese market next month: 30,000 cars will be sold in 2025

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According to reports, BYD has confirmed its development plan in Japan, which aims to sell 30,000 electric vehicles in Japan by 2025, and plans to build a sales network of 100 dealers in the same year, with an average annual sales of 300 vehicles per dealer. However, there was no official response to BYD's development plans in the Japanese market.

In January this year, BYD passenger cars officially entered the Japanese market, with the first three models on sale, namely, Yuan PLUS, Dolphin and Seal, with Yuan plus being the first to sell. However, at present, BYD's sense of presence in the Japanese market is not strong and can not be accepted by local consumers. According to the Japan Federation of Automobile sales Associations, BYD's sales in the Japanese market are listed month by month and surpass the imported brand Hyundai, but there is still a big gap between BYD and Japanese brands.

From the point of view of the industry, the development pressure of BYD in Japan is still very huge. Although Japan is the fourth largest auto market in the world, most of its market share is occupied by Japanese brands, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and so on. Even foreign brands such as BMW and Tesla cannot pry into the market. If BYD can expand after entering the market, it means that BYD can basically succeed in any overseas market.

Of course, unlike Japanese brands such as Toyota and Honda, BYD entered the market as a new energy car manufacturer, while Japan's electric vehicle market share is low, and the side also shows that its market has great growth potential. after all, although local car companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan also speed up the development of electric vehicles, these brands still lack something at home in the electric vehicle market. How to highlight the advantages of domestic electric vehicles in the context of new energy is also a major task for BYD. However, Japanese consumers do not like new energy vehicles, one of the biggest reasons is that there are too few charging piles in Japan, which is not convenient to charge, which is also a big problem for BYD to promote electric vehicles in Japan.

Compared with other car brands, BYD's advantage is still relatively obvious. First of all, in terms of brand awareness, as BYD Japan President Liu Xueliang said, BYD has been engaged in IT-related battery business in Japan for 23 years, and has also provided electric buses to Fukushima Prefecture, Capital Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture. BYD electric buses have accumulated some popularity in the dark. At the same time, as the new energy vehicle brand with the first sales in the world and the third car company by market capitalization in the world, BYD's position in the global new energy vehicle market also provides some added value for the development of new energy vehicle market in Japan. In addition, even Toyota, the world's largest seller, also cooperates with BYD on electric vehicles.

BYD's emphasis on the Japanese market became apparent in October. At the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, BYD Motor's BYD, Teng Teng and Wang Wang brands all participated in the show, bringing a total of 5 new energy models, including Yuan PLUS, Dolphin, Seal, Teng Teng D9 and U8. From the on-site pictures released by major Weibo bloggers, we can see that BYD's booth is packed with spectators, and the aisles are full of people, making it the well-deserved "top of the car circle" of this auto show.

At present, BYD has begun to establish a large dealer network in Japan, and signed agency contracts with dealers and sellers, with about 50 sales outlets in Japan. At the same time, BYD also listed the brand's seal model as the first model to be sold in the Japanese market, with a starting price of 3.63 million yen (about 190000 yuan), an increase of nearly 36% compared with domestic models on sale. But it is still about 10% lower than the Nissan Leaf of the same size.

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