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Another car company opened the Weibo of the legal Department!

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On December 23, Deep Blue Auto opened its official Weibo account of the Shenzhen Blue Automobile Law Department and posted its first blog post.

The Deep Blue Automobile legal Department said that it recently noticed that some online self-media had posted a series of false information about Deep Blue cars on public social platforms, a large amount of malicious speculation and malicious means of smear and slander, which seriously damaged the reputation and image of Deep Blue Automobile. It strongly condemned this behavior and warned that such acts must be stopped immediately.

Changan Deep Blue is a new energy vehicle brand launched by Changan Automobile on April 13, 2022. On April 23 of the same year, Changan Automobile announced the LOGO of its new brand Changan Deep Blue, and confirmed that the new model "C385" was named after "Changan Deep Blue SL03". In March this year, Changan Deep Blue changed its name to Deep Blue Automobile, when it was reported in the market that Changan Deep Blue's move to change its name to Deep Blue Automobile may mean that the brand may operate independently in the future, similar to Avita, no longer based on the product sequence of Changan Automobile. In response, the person in charge of Changan Automobile responded: "Changan Deep Blue has been changed to Deep Blue car to make the brand clearer, and nothing else has changed."

So far, Deep Blue Automobile has two models, Deep Blue SL03 and Deep Blue S7. Among them, Deep Blue SL03 is the first model of Changan Deep Blue Brand. It was launched in July 2022, a total of four models are launched, and the current price is 17.99-699900 yuan. As the first model under the Deep Blue SL03 brand, the new car is based on Changan's new EPA1 pure electric platform, positioning a medium-sized car, offering extended range version, pure electric version and hydrogen version of three power options, the main competitors include Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal Deep Blue S7 is the second production model of Deep Blue Automobile, built on the EPA1 platform, positioning medium-sized SUV, launched in June this year, the new car launched a total of five models, the price range of 14.99-202900 yuan, power to provide hybrid and pure electric models, mainly in the car market with BYD Tang, frigate 07 and Tesla Model Y and other similar models to compete.

Data show that in the first 11 months of this year, Deep Blue delivered a total of 118574 vehicles, of which 16157 were delivered in November, an increase of 4.15% from the previous month.

In fact, it has become the norm for car companies to set up "Ministry of Justice" Weibo accounts. Before Shenzhen Blue Automobile opened its official Weibo account, car companies such as Tesla, ideal Automobile, Xilai Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Zero running Automobile, BYD, Polar Krypton, and Polar Fox have all opened official Weibo accounts of the Ministry of Justice. Among them, Tesla is the first car company to open a legal department. Tesla's official Weibo account of the Ministry of Law was launched at the end of May, 2021, but so far, the "Tesla Ministry of Justice" account has been open for two years, but the page shows that no news has been released yet.

On the one hand, the establishment of the "Ministry of Justice" Weibo account can protect the legitimate rights and interests of car companies, on the other hand, it can also play a "deterrent" role. A legal personage has previously said: "Public relations is a means and the law is a weapon." the opening of a legal account is, to some extent, a 'deterrent' to curb the persistence of being 'hacked'. "

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