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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that the inspection of Weima Pure Electric car does not meet the standard.

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On December 29, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on the results of supervision and inspection of new energy vehicles in 2022, which found that there were production consistency problems in seven models of seven enterprises.

The details are as follows:

(1) New energy passenger vehicles, involving two models and products of two enterprises, involving problems such as the discrepancy between the parameters of parts and components and the filing parameters of the announcement, and the equipment quality exceeds the allowable error range.

(2) New energy passenger cars, involving four models and products of four enterprises, involving problems such as the discrepancy between the parameters of parts and components and the filing parameters of the announcement, the combustion characteristics of interior materials, and the value of insulation resistance of the whole vehicle after wading does not meet the national standards.

(3) New energy trucks, involving a model product of one enterprise, involving the discrepancy between the parameters of parts and components and the parameters for the record of the announcement.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will deal with the models with production consistency problems found in the above inspection in accordance with the relevant regulations and regulations. The competent department of industry and information technology at the provincial level where the enterprise is located shall supervise and urge the enterprise to identify the causes of product problems, formulate rectification measures and put them in place in accordance with the relevant requirements.

It is understood that new energy passenger cars involve two models and products of two enterprises, the two car companies are Xinyuan Automobile Co., Ltd. (JKC6451FXBEV pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicles) and Weima Automobile Manufacturing Wenzhou Co., Ltd. (SZS7000A01BEV pure electric cars), involving parts and components parameters inconsistent with the "announcement" filing parameters, equipment quality beyond the allowable error range and so on.

Weimar was notified that the model was codenamed SZS7000A01BEV, that is, Weimar E.5. It is understood that Weimar E.5 is a pure electric car, introduced to the market in September 2021, the price range is 15.01-160100 yuan, initially mainly for the travel market. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a maximum power 120kW (163hp) drive motor with a maximum speed of 170km/h, a ternary lithium battery pack with a battery capacity of about 58.59kWh and a range of 505km. In April 2022, the new Weimar E.5 went on sale with a price range of 15.01 yuan to 215100 yuan. Unlike before, the model is also sold in the personal consumer market. Of course, even for the personal market, Weimar E.5 is difficult to open the market, it has not achieved considerable market performance, the model has been suspended from production and sale.

Since the beginning of the year, the Weima automobile factory has stopped production for a long time. Due to the long absence of work, a batch of machines may be scrapped, while employees can only get a basic salary of 1700 yuan a month to survive because of no performance, and finally have to leave. At the same time, because of the financial and debt crisis, Weimar's 4S stores across the country were widely closed, and dealers faced double difficulties because no consumers were willing to buy Weima models, and eventually had to switch to other brands. What is more important is that after-sale, the Weima car factory stopped production for a long time, coupled with the refusal to supply the Weima car due to arrears of payment, the arrival of Weima car parts will take several months, and car owners have to be careful when they drive the Weimar. If there is any carelessness, it will be difficult to maintain.

On October 9, according to the National Enterprise bankruptcy reorganization Information Network, Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. applied for bankruptcy reorganization, and the handling court was the Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court. A few days ago, Weima Motor bankruptcy restructuring held a trial in the Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court on December 27, but there is no latest progress in Weima Automobile bankruptcy restructuring.

To a large extent, car-building is a "money-burning game". Compared with the tens of billions of cash reserves of other new car-building powers, Weimar's "purse" is indeed too shrunk. Therefore, when the strategy of "trading losses for sales" did not work, and the superimposed listing plan was a long way off, Weima could only adopt a shrinking strategy, that is, internal layoffs and pay cuts and external reduced delivery. but this is a fatal blow to offline dealers, and this situation has greatly increased the pressure on store operation, even to the point where it is necessary to close the store and stop its losses. Some people in the industry believe that in the face of many problems to be solved, Weima's most important thing is to need sufficient funds to support its "survival" first.

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