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Tesla insinuated that the ideal car rushed into the hot search! The ideal car will fight back.

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Tesla has been searched on Weibo again!

On December 29th, the topic "Tesla official insinuated the ideal car" rushed into the hot search. It is understood that Tesla's official account posted on the short video platform entitled "what to see when buying an electric car, please say your answer aloud!" A number of media believe that the content of the video alludes to the ideal car.

Tesla said in the video that you can't buy an electric car with a large battery, but should choose one with high energy efficiency. You can't choose PPT safety to buy an electric car, with the caption "the best SUV under 5 million". The character is also suspected that Li Xiang himself should choose the real one. The picture shows the roof of Tesla's car still intact after the house collapsed. In addition, Tesla also said that buying a car should not look at the surface decoration such as refrigerators, color televisions and large sofas, but should look at invisible intelligence such as batteries, electric motors and electronically controlled batteries, which is also suspected of being an ideal car in cue.

The "best SUV under 5 million" refers to the ideal L9, which was launched in June 2022 and is the second production car under the ideal car. Instead of following the naming idea of the first model, the ideal ONE, the new car is prefixed with the letter "L". Ideal car CEO Li Xiang said that the ideal L9 is very confident that it is the best household flagship SUV within 5 million.

In addition, the ideal car pays special attention to the construction of the household market. Take the ideal L9 as an example, in which the control screen and the co-driver screen adopt an integrated design, the central control screen and the co-driver screen both reach 15.7in, with the ability of multi-screen interaction, and the second row of entertainment screen on the roof also reaches 15.7in, while the instrument of the main driver is cancelled, and the function is replaced by the HUD look-up display and the safe driving interaction screen on the steering wheel. In addition, the central control screen, co-driver entertainment screen and rear cabin entertainment screen can all be directly connected to the Switch through the Type-C interface, and the Type-C interface also provides 60W charging power.

In fact, Tesla does not need to cue the ideal car, because it corresponds to different consumer groups. First of all, Tesla's current models on sale include Model 3 and Model Y, in which Model 3 is a pure electric car and Model Y is a pure electric SUV,Model Y. the price is more than 300000 yuan. And the ideal car models for sale, including L7, L8, L9, the three models are priced at more than 300000 yuan, are added hybrid vehicles, to some extent, it will indeed affect Tesla car sales. Secondly, Tesla Automobile pays more attention to creating a sense of science and technology, while the ideal car pays more attention to creating a household market. The consumer groups of the two car companies are different.

With regard to Tesla's official innuendo about the ideal car, some netizens said, "this is not recommended on the official account, but the general has a sword but does not kill the fly", "Tesla also needs to compete with the ideal car" and "break another one." some netizens also said, "do you think I can't recognize it if I type the code?"...

After the matter fermented, the ideal car official responded to the "color TV refrigerator big sofa". Ideal car said in the video, what to see when buying an electric car? What do you need to see your family?! Refrigerator color TV large sofa, luxury home appliances moved to the "home", motor batteries and electronic controls, hard installation standards are also excellent, no matter which "three electricity", the ideal L-series is very strong! In the video, the ideal car shows the front and rear motors, battery packs and electric controls of the L9, as well as the color TV sets, refrigerators and electric seats in the car, calling it the "new three electricity". However, ideal and Tesla official insinuated "PPT safety" to respond, but the ideal car to participate in the research C-IASI test, the results are not poor.

Since entering 2023, the sales of ideal car has ranked first in the new power market of car building. In October 2023, ideal delivered 40422 new cars, a month-on-month increase of 12.10% and a year-on-year increase of 302.13%, setting a new high for monthly delivery. this is also the first time that it has delivered more than 40,000 vehicles a month for the first time this year. So far, in the first 10 months of this year, ideal car delivered a total of 284647 new cars, an increase of 193.51% over the same period last year, which also means that ideal car will achieve its annual sales target of 300000 vehicles ahead of schedule.

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