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The maximum is 8000 yuan! Chery New Energy Officer announced price reduction

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On December 29, Chery New Energy officially announced that from 0 o 'clock on December 29, the official guidance price of Chery New Energy's models dropped to 8000 yuan.

Subdivision to see, this involved price adjustment models include QQ ice cream, Chery small ant two models, QQ ice cream 4 models price reduced 6000 yuan, the price from the original 35,900 - 49,900 yuan adjusted to 29,900 - 43,900 yuan; The price of 4 models of small ant is lowered by 5000 yuan-8000 yuan, among which, the price of 251km love version model of small ant is lowered by 5000 yuan, from 64,900 yuan to 59,900 yuan; The price of the 251km true love version of the ant was lowered by 6000 yuan, from 69,900 yuan to 63,900 yuan; the price of the 321km favorite version of the ant was lowered by 8000 yuan, from 77,900 yuan to 69,900 yuan; the price of the 321km love version of the ant was lowered by 8000 yuan, from 82,900 yuan to 74,900 yuan.

From the price reduction range to see, this Chery new energy vehicle drop up to 8000 yuan, for miniature models for the drop is not small. In fact, since December, including BYD, Chang 'an Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, Jiyue Automobile, Geely Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Zhiji Automobile, Shenlong Automobile, FAW Toyota and other automobile enterprises have started preferential measures to different degrees, including official reduction, time-limited promotion, time-limited subsidies and other forms, the models involved are mainly new energy vehicles. Industry personage thinks, Near the end of the year, Car enterprises have launched "Price reduction promotion" Policy to seize the market, And hope to achieve the annual sales target as much as possible through this move.

For this price reduction, Chery New Energy Automobile said that this year Chery Group's vehicle sales hit an all-time high again, and realized all-brand comprehensive new energy, this price reduction mainly benefited from the enterprise cost control and supply chain management capacity improvement, and took the lead in launching the first shot of the New Year official drop, injecting new momentum into a new round of growth.

It is generally believed in the industry that Chery New Energy's announcement of official reduction may also be related to the upcoming purchase tax adjustment of new energy vehicles. On December 11, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the Announcement on Adjusting the Technical Requirements for New Energy Vehicle Products with Vehicle Purchase Tax Reduction, clarifying the technical conditions and implementation requirements applicable to the vehicle purchase tax reduction policy for new energy vehicles after 2024.

According to the announcement, the transition period from January 1,2024 to May 31,2024 is the transition period. Before December 31,2023, the models that have entered the Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax and are still valid will be automatically transferred to the Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax. From June 1, 2024, vehicles that do not meet the technical requirements will be withdrawn from the Tax Reduction and Exemption Catalogue. The new announcement makes adjustments to the pure electric driving range of pure electric passenger cars, the mass energy density of power battery system and the power consumption of 100 kilometers. It is understood that the maximum speed of pure electric passenger car in 30 minutes shall not be less than 100km/h, the driving range of pure electric passenger car shall not be less than 200km, and the mass energy density of power battery system of pure electric passenger car shall not be less than 125Wh/kg.

Take Chery QQ ice cream as an example, the comprehensive range of this model under NEDC condition is 120km, 170km and 205km, which means that the low-endurance models will not meet the new announcement requirements. These models may increase prices in 2024, or directly cut off the low-endurance versions. After all, for consumers, the cost of purchasing such models will increase.

At present, Chery New Energy models on sale include QQ ice cream, small ants, Arize e and Unbounded Pro, but the sales performance of several products is very average.

According to retail data, the cumulative sales volume of Chery New Energy in 2022 was 216347 vehicles, compared with 95289 vehicles from January to November this year, including 60325 QQ ice cream, 23272 small ants, 5858 Arize e and 928 Unbounded Pro respectively, while 4906 big ants, but they have been discontinued. By contrast, the cumulative sales volume of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV in the first November of this year was 212848. To this point of view, QQ ice cream and small ants although Chery new energy vehicles under the volume model, but the two models at present the performance of the car market is average.

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