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Complaints about Toyota particle traps soar in December on the Automobile Complaints list

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According to the latest data released by the car quality Network, a total of 14853 effective complaints from car owners were accepted in December 2023, a slight increase of 0.3% month-on-month and 48.4% higher than the same period last year. From the list, compared with the past, the main brand of complaint is still Toyota, but other brands have also been added, including Changan and Xiaopeng.

Judging from the top 10 list of complaints, Toyota is the brand with the largest number of models on the list, including FAW Toyota / Guangzhou Auto Toyota, a total of 7 models have been complained by a large number of owners. Among them, Carola Ruifang, Feng Landa, Carola and Leiling were all complained about engine / motor exhaust faults, mainly concentrated in 2023 models, due to the blockage of particle traps, resulting in weak acceleration and increased fuel consumption. Shift gears, setbacks, and so on.

Particle traps first appeared in diesel vehicles to capture harmful particulate emissions from vehicle exhaust and burn them up during operation. According to the national 6B emission standard, the emissions of carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and pm fine particles per kilometer should not exceed 500mg, 35mg, 35mg and 3mg respectively. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements, some car companies have installed particle traps on the engine, which is cheaper than upgrading the engine, but the cost needs to be borne by consumers. the resulting increase in fuel consumption, inability to accelerate, gearshift setbacks and so on are not rare.

FAW Toyota Corolla 2023 intelligent electric hybrid dual-engine elite version owner said that the new car bought back to run 3000 km particle trap clogged, carbon tank solenoid valve failure led to engine fault lights often bright, fuel consumption is particularly high, power decline, engine noise, now than oil cars are fuel, sometimes in the process of driving brake, speed will suddenly rise, hope that manufacturers to deal with the problem.

Guangzhou Auto Toyota Leiling 2023 intelligent electric hybrid engine 1.8L leading version owner said that 4600 km began to prompt particle trap blockage, 4800 km began to appear hot car fully charged state of loose throttle does not flameout, EV lights do not light, engine non-stop failure. At present, it is driving 9300 kilometers, showing that there are four jams, which appear irregularly, affecting the fuel consumption of power. Recently, the abnormal sound of turning right to ground glass during a hot car also appeared irregularly, making people do not know how to follow.

With regard to the issue of particle traps, the two models with the most complaints in the early years were Volkswagen's Tanyue and Tuguan L models, and the problems were similar to those of Toyota models, both of which led to increased fuel consumption and lack of power due to blockage of particle trappers, which led to complaints from a large number of car owners. Since then, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen have announced solutions to upgrade software and hardware to solve the problem. Today, North and South Toyota also have similar problems, and as of press time, FAW Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota have not responded to the problem of particle trap congestion. Other models, including Rongfang, Ruizhi, Crown and other models related complaints are still unresolved, due to aging problems, including instrument cracking and other issues, complaints are relatively old models.

The top 10 model of Changan Automobile is Auchan X7 PLUS, and the main complaint problem is system upgrade / audio and video system failure. Some car owners complained that the Auchan X7 PLUS had not been upgraded for a whole year and a half, and that the phone screen function only supported Huawei Hicar with serious delays, and that the app store had only Baby bus to download. Of all the Changan models, only the X7 PLUS is in this state, and all Auchan passenger cars offer OTA upgrades, except the X7 PLUS. Isn't this differential treatment?

Overall, the problems with models and brands on the list in December are nothing new compared with previous months, especially the Toyota brand, which means that car companies are inefficient in handling consumer complaints and insufficient efforts to address pain points. If the authorities do not respond clearly to this question, I am afraid that Toyota's brand dominance will continue.

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