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There is a large area failure of the car! Zhiji's official response

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According to media reports, many Zhiji owners reflected on the social network platform that there were system failures in the Zhiji car, including problems such as no speed and gear on the vehicle dashboard, no radar warning, silent steering warning, and so on. It is understood that the above problems mostly appear in Zhiji LS6 models, car owners think that there are certain safety risks when driving.

After the incident, on the evening of January 3, Liu Tao, CEO of Zhiji Motor, posted on Weibo that he would like to apologize to users on behalf of Zhiji Automobile for the inconvenience and trouble caused by the lack of screen message and reversing tone in some vehicles recently. At the same time, Liu Tao stressed that he would bear in mind the experiences and lessons and once again expressed his deep apologies.

For the above failures, Liu Tao said that after investigation, the main reason was that there was a timestamp conflict in the IMOS integrated PDC (reversing Radar) prompt tone renderer, which led to the problem of missing reversing tone on some vehicles after 20:00 on December 31, 2023. At the same time, there will be the problem of missing screen information for some vehicles that have not upgraded the latest version at the end of November 2023. Zhiji completed the repair of the related problems on January 1, and launched the user push and reminder of the IMOS 2.6.5 patch pack on January 2, and is expected to complete the push of all users on January 3.

Zhiji said that if there are any problems in the process of using the car, you can contact the 400 hotline, online housekeeper or consult the store at any time. Zhiji will try its best to provide travel services, including free chauffeured car service, to meet the travel needs of users.

It is understood that Zhiji Automobile, founded on December 25, 2020, is a high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand jointly established by SAIC and the governments of Alibaba and Zhangjiang. With the reputation of SAIC and Ali, Zhiji's first model once attracted a great deal of market attention at the beginning of its launch. In April 2022, Zhiji L7 was officially listed with a price range of 33.88-578800 yuan. As for the sales volume of the L7 model, Zhiji said at that time that this model was expected to be among the top three in the delivery volume of medium and large luxury pure electric cars, and when this model came on the market, Zhiji also said many times that "Zhiji L7 has become the fastest domestic luxury pure electric model with a cumulative delivery volume of more than 350000 yuan." however, the performance of the car market is very general.

So far, Zhiji has a total of L7, LS7 and LS6 models, of which LS7 went on sale in February 2023 with a price range of 30.98-459800 yuan and LS6 in October 2023 with a price range of 22.99-291900 yuan. It is true that L7 LS7 and LS6 are more popular in marketing than L7 and L7, and they are more famous in the auto market.

Retail data show that Zhiji sold a cumulative total of 27841 vehicles from January to November this year, of which 13533 were sold by LS7, 13005 by LS6 and 1303 by L7. According to the plan, Zhiji's annual sales this year is currently 45000, while the completion rate in the first 11 months is only 61.87%. It is obviously impossible for Zhiji to meet its sales target.

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