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From 175800 yuan on sale, Geely Galaxy E8 is officially listed!

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On January 5, the Galaxy E8, a medium-sized car owned by Geely Galaxy, officially opened for pre-sale, with a total of five new models priced at. It is understood that Geely Galaxy E8 is based on the vast SEA architecture, positioning pure electric medium and large cars, with rear-drive and four-wheel drive versions, support 800V fast charging, maximum battery life 665km.

In terms of appearance, Geely Galaxy E8 adopts a new design style, officially known as the Lights Ripple Rhythm grille, a large area of the front face enclosed panel with split LED headlights and C-shaped surrounding decoration and other elements, also bring a high degree of recognition. The new glowing square matrix LOGO fits above the front grille and below is a front-facing camera. In terms of body color, the new car will provide six colors: begonia powder, smoke ash, autumn apricot yellow, Zhiqiu red, early snow silver and willow frost white.

On the side of the car body, the Geely Galaxy E8 slip-back roof design brings a good sense of movement, the concave design under the door panel also makes the hierarchical sense of the car side more obvious, and the door handle adopts the more common hidden design. In the rear part, the rear outline of Geely Galaxy E8 is relatively compact, the taillights are in a penetrating style, and have rich cavity lines, and the rear enclosure below is also equipped with large-size black decorative panels, which further enhances the movement flavor of the vehicle. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5010/1920/1465mm and the wheelbase is 2925mm.

Interior part, the most attractive part of the new car is equipped with 45-inch 8K unbounded wisdom bully screen, from the left side of the driver's seat to the right side of the co-driver, almost throughout the center console, with full-scene AI intelligent voice interaction, in the P-block state to support the phone or handle directly connected to play games. The new car also carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship chips and Geely Galaxy N OS- unbounded car system, as well as lidar, which is Geely's first model equipped with lidar.

In terms of power, the rear-drive model uses 400V architecture, it is expected that the new car will carry lithium iron phosphate battery pack, the maximum power of the motor is 200kW and the maximum torque is 343Nm; the dual-motor all-wheel drive version uses 800V architecture and is equipped with efficient SiC electric drive, the maximum power of front motor is 165kW, the maximum power of rear motor is 310kW and the maximum torque is 710Nm; in terms of battery, the new car will carry 62kWh and 76kWh battery pack, corresponding to 550km, 665km and 620km.

After entering 2023, Geely moves more and more frequently in the field of new energy, especially from the Geely Galaxy brand, the pace of Geely's transformation of new energy is obviously accelerated. At present, Geely Automobile Holdings' new energy brands include polar krypton and Ruilan, among which polar krypton aims at the high-end luxury market of more than 200000 yuan, and the Galaxy series belongs to Geely Automobile, mainly covering the blank of 15-200000 yuan of Volkswagen mainstream mixed market.

In February 2023, Geely launched a new mid-and high-end new energy series "Geely Galaxy". It plans to launch seven new models within two years, including four intelligent electric hybrid L series (L5, L6, L7, L9). Three Galaxy intelligent pure electric E series (E6, E7, E8), covering A0 to B grade hybrid products.

In May 2023, Geely Galaxy L7 was officially listed with a price range of 13.87-173700 yuan. As the first model of Geely's new mid-and high-end new energy series, the Galaxy L7 is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine and a 3-gear DHT gearbox, with a comprehensive range of 1370km under CLTC operating conditions, and competitors lock in models such as the BYD Song PLUS DM-i.

On January 1st, Geely released sales figures for December 2023 and 2023: cumulative sales of 1686516 vehicles in 2023, an increase of 18% over the same period last year. Among them, Geely brand sales of 1309580 vehicles, an increase of 16% year-on-year. In terms of new energy, new energy (including Geely, Lectra, polar krypton and Ruilan) sold 487461 vehicles in 2023, an increase of 48% over the same period last year. As a new new energy series, Galaxy sold 83497 vehicles.

At present, the new energy mixing market has changed, and the intensity of market competition is different from that in the past. It remains to be seen who will emerge as a new force and establish new advantages in the industry.

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