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In the first week of 2024, multi-car business officials announced a limited discount!

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Only a week into 2024, a number of car companies have introduced preferential policies to promote consumption. On January 5, FAW-Volkswagen announced that it would order designated models online from January 4 to January 31, and issue a car purchase invoice at the store during this period, and if the order was written off before February 10 (including), it would receive a cash red packet subsidy worth 1000 yuan. From now on to January 31, it will purchase Jan Yue, Jan Yue X, Tan Yue GTE and Mai Teng models, and provide time-limited and high-end exemption for commercial car insurance. Exclusive SUV policies for visiting, including 5 free basic maintenance (including first insurance), 0 interest rate for long term / daily supply of annual products as low as 79 yuan, subsidy of 16000 yuan for replacement, additional subsidy of 4000 yuan for replacement of specific luxury brands, additional subsidy of 3000 yuan for replacement of regular customers, etc.; exclusive policy for visitors to enjoy SUV, including 2 years 0 interest rate / annual product supply as low as 28 yuan, replacement can enjoy 2000 yuan subsidy Suiteng exclusive car policy, including 2 years 0 interest rate / annual product daily supply as low as 34 yuan, replacement can enjoy 4000 yuan subsidy and so on.

On January 4, Guangzhou Auto Honda announced that a number of its models open time-limited discount, involving the new Accord, Haoying, e:NP1 Jinpai 1, style, Guandao, Odyssey, ZR-V Zhi in, colorful wisdom a total of 8 models. The time-limited offer varies according to different models, among which e:NP1 has a subsidy of 50, 000 yuan for car purchase, with a price of 125000 yuan after subsidy. This time-limited offer is from now until January 31, 2024.

FAW Toyota also announced that from January 1 to January 31, 2024, its Ruifang, RAV4 Rongfang, Crown Lufang, Grevia, Asian Dragon and other models can enjoy new welfare bags up to 5999 yuan, low down payment / 0 interest rate financial program and up to 7000 yuan replacement subsidy, and some dual-engine models can also enjoy battery lifetime warranty.

In addition to the joint venture brand, the Euler brand of Great Wall Motors has announced that it will enjoy a huge official cash benefit of up to 30000 yuan in official cash for all its models. According to the breakdown, if you pick up the car before January 1 to February 29, you can enjoy 30, 000 yuan cash relief and 3000 yuan insurance subsidy for the purchase of lightning cats, and provide a variety of benefits; from January 1 to February 8, you can buy Ola good cat and good cat GT Mulan version models with a maximum cash discount of 22000 yuan (20, 000 yuan for honor type) and 3000 yuan insurance subsidy, and provide a variety of benefits The purchase of Euler ballet cats from January 1 to January 31 provides free basic traffic for life, free entertainment flow for 2 years, lifetime warranty for Sandian (the first individual non-operating car owner), 4-year or 150000 km warranty for the whole vehicle, and a gift of original charging piles, that is to say, ballet cat models do not offer cash discounts.

Prior to this, on January 1, Audi A8L reduced the price by 40, 000 yuan, and there were 5 models on sale after adjustment, with a price range of 78. 98 yuan to 1.9548 million yuan. On the same day, the official guidance price of the whole series of models was reduced by 10, 000 yuan, and the adjusted price range was 24. 79 yuan to 302900 yuan. In addition, if you buy a car before January 31, 2024, you can enjoy 10,000 yuan of fuel car coupons, up to 8000 yuan of replacement subsidy and 10,000 yuan of financial subsidy.

On the same day, Tesla also introduced time-limited benefits, with an insurance subsidy of 6000 yuan for Model 3 rear drive cars, and a maximum of 22000 for Model 3 rear drive cars before the end of January. At present, the price of the Model 3 rear-drive version starts at 261400 yuan, while the car pick-up starts at 255400 yuan before the end of January. At the same time, Tesla has also launched the "New year's low interest Financial Policy", which can save up to 23000 yuan for the purchase of Model 3max Y; before the end of January, the annual rate for Model 3Universe is as low as 1.99%; and before the end of March, the annual rate for Model SameX is 2.5%.

In the past 2023 years, the price war of "price for quantity" is almost a common practice of car companies. But beyond that, the purpose behind the price cut is to hit competitors. Previously, ideal car CEO Li wanted to say: "cutting prices does not necessarily increase your own sales, but it can hit your competitors." Mu Feng, president of Great Wall Automobile, also said that do not regard the current "price war" waged by car companies as a "volume". It is actually a change. People are fighting for price, performance and quality, which is what will happen when great changes take place in any industry.

For the price war, industry insiders predict that the "price war" in 2024 may still be the main theme. It is undeniable that "price reduction" can indeed enable car companies to achieve short-term sales growth, but can not become the magic weapon of long-term sales target growth. Car companies want to stabilize the market, not be restrained by other brands, improve their product core innovation ability is the key to success.

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