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The price of a pure electric car was reduced less than a month after it was on the market.

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On January 7, Chery's high-end brand Xintu Motors announced that it was very popular in the market because of its first model, the Star era ES. In order to be grateful for the trust of the first batch of users, the Star era ES "national tide version" was launched with a unified national retail price of 198800 yuan. At the same time, the official also launched a limited cash gift, which can enjoy 20000 yuan in cash to buy car red packets, limited to the top 10000 car owners. It is worth noting that the price of the national tide version launched this time is 27000 yuan lower than the standard continued version of the earlier Star era ES door model Air.

This time for blind, pre-sale, bought cars and Dading users, the official also issued relevant subsidy measures. For blind subscribers, blind subscription is provided, limited rights and interests / blind rights and interests are selected from one of the two, and the expansion fee of 6600 yuan can be superimposed. Pre-sale users, pre-sale turned to be fixed, limited rights and interests / pre-sale rights and interests to choose one of the two, 5000 yuan expansion money can be superimposed. Users who have not enjoyed the replacement subsidy will receive 20,000 yuan in cash red packets; users who have received the replacement subsidy will receive 10,000 yuan in cash red packets, of which users of the Ultraall-wheel drive performance version will enjoy 20,000 yuan in cash subsidy. Unmentioned car users can enjoy limited rights / listing rights to choose one of the two; those who choose limited rights and interests will be subsidized with 20,000 yuan cash red packets, of which Ultrafour-wheel drive performance version users can add 20,000 yuan cash replacement subsidy.

As a new model, the appearance of the Star era ES "national tide version" is consistent with the design style of the current model, the front face is still equipped with closed grille, both sides are equipped with through-type LED light belt, and under the headlamp is equipped with feather-wing lamp group, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle. The lower encircling position adopts a larger air intake and is decorated with black decorative parts inside, which strengthens the fashion sense of the vehicle. The rear part of the car is equipped with a through-type rear light group, and the lower rear enclosure is decorated with black decorative panels to highlight the movement flavor of the vehicle.

The side of the car body, using slip-back styling design, with hidden door handles, the overall look of science and technology. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4945/1978/1480mm and the wheelbase is 3000mm. In the interior part, the embracing design style is adopted, with a 15.6-inch suspension multimedia central control screen, the steering wheel is a double-amplitude design, and the air outlet of the car air conditioner adopts a penetrating design. In terms of functionality, the new car provides a Lion Melody sound system with 23 built-in speakers to support panoramic sound effects. In terms of power, it is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous rear single motor, the total power of the motor is 185kW, and the total torque is 356Nm. The pure electric mileage of CLTC is 550km. In terms of competitive products, Star era ES's main competitors are BYD Han EV, Zero running C01, Galaxy E8, Nezha S and other similar models.

Relevant information shows that Xingtuo is a high-end brand of Chery. For the emergence of Xingtuo, Chery Chairman Yin Tongyue once said: "the shortcut is Chery's Skoda, Chery is Volkswagen, and Xingtu is Chery's Audi." Yin Tongyue, who has set an annual sales target of 500000 vehicles for Xingdu, said that in 2024, the two product lines of Xingdu and Xingera combined sales of 300000 vehicles, plus exports of about 200000 vehicles, which is conservatively said to be 500000. To put it simply, Yin Tongyue has set a sales target of 500000 units for Xingway Motor this year.

But the hope is good, but the reality is cruel. Data show that from 2019 to 2022, Xingtu's sales were 14293, 18251, 37155 and 51142 respectively. Judging from Starway's sales in recent years, although the sales figures are on an upward trend, there is still a big gap with Yin Tongyue's projected annual sales of 500000 vehicles this year. Up to now, Xingtu Motors' products include chasing Wind Series, TX Series, TXL Series and range Moon Series. The launch of Star Epoch STERRA series makes Xingtuo's product matrix more perfect. But relying solely on the Star era ES model, it is difficult to meet the target of selling 500000 Xingtuo cars a year.

Of course, less than a month after the launch of the new car, the official launched a new entry-level model and a time-limited discount of 20,000 yuan, which has something to do with the fact that many models with fierce competition in the market have launched discount activities and hope that price cuts can increase the sales of Star era ES. After all, in 2024, a number of car companies have launched preferential policies to buy cars. In the end, whether the price reduction of Star era ES can bring an increase in sales to Starway Motor, which remains to be verified in the follow-up time.

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