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New Passat / Tuguan L! SAIC Volkswagen 2024 product plan is here.

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A few days ago, bloggers exposed SAIC Volkswagen's 2024 product plan. The joint venture plans to launch Tiguan L Pro, new Passat, new Polo, ID. NEXT production version and a compact SUV in 2024.

You can refer to the overseas version of the new Tiguan, and it is expected that Tiguan L Pro will offer two styles of front face design, namely the regular version and the R-Line version. The ordinary version is similar to the front face design of the brand-new Passat. The headlights on both sides are irregular design like golf. The center is connected by black trim plate + lamp belt, but the brand LOGO still cannot be lit up like ID. family products. The lower surround adopts a wide grille design with size and ventilation openings on both sides to provide better heat dissipation for the front wheels. The R-Line version is different at the front bumper, eliminating chrome stripes and adopting a sporty mesh grille with larger air intake openings on both sides.

In terms of interior decoration, the brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan is also fully adjusted. It is equipped with 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, HUD head-up display, 15-inch floating central control large screen, the latest multimedia system is integrated inside, touch physical buttons are kept below, driving experience control is set on the center console, and users can choose driving mode, adjust volume or atmosphere light color through the independent screen on the knob. There are also many storage spaces in the area. In addition, the brand-new air conditioning outlet and the design of the shield, the storage capacity of the central island platform has also been improved.

In terms of power, the new Volkswagen Tiguan, based on the MQB Evo platform, will be available in gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions, and the drivetrain will only offer DSG gearboxes. It is worth mentioning that this is likely to be the last generation of fuel Tiguan, the future or will become a pure electric car type, just like GTI. As for the domestic version, it is expected that the Tiguan L Pro will be equipped with 1.4T, 1.5T and 2.0T engines, matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and there will be no major changes in the powertrain.

Although the brand-new Passat only offers travel versions in overseas markets, after its introduction into China in the future, North-South Volkswagen will continue to launch the three-compartment version of Magotan and Passat in response to domestic market demand. In terms of appearance, it can be found that the appearance of the new Passat largely draws on the design language of the "ID" family. The new model also offers two styling options, both of which adopt the upper and lower split grille design, the main difference being the lower air intake styling. Among them, the fuel version adopts a large size three-stage air intake design, and adds dense strip trim inside to enhance the sense of refinement; the R-Line version adopts a through-air intake design, and adds blackened mesh elements inside, and silver kits are incorporated on both sides of the front surround to enhance the sense of sportiness.

As for ID.NEXT, it can be regarded as the sister model of FAW-Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION, which was launched on December 15,2023. The new car launched AIR, PRO and PRIME models with a price range of 227,777 - 262,777 yuan. In addition, the official also launched the launch version (i.e. the previous pre-sale model), priced at 230,777 yuan. At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, the Volkswagen ID. NEXT concept car was officially unveiled, built on MEB pure electric platform, positioned as a pure electric mid-size sedan, with rear drive and four-wheel drive power options. It can be seen that Volkswagen ID.NEXT adopts a relatively simple modeling design, a sharp headlight group will appear on the new car, the front enclosure adopts a similar three-stage design, and triangular guide grooves are integrated on both sides of the trapezoidal vent, with certain recognition. At the rear of the car, the new car adopts a through-type taillight group design, and the LOGO can also be lit up.

Retail data show that SAIC Volkswagen (excluding Skoda/Audi) sold 1.0408 million vehicles in November 2023, second only to BYD, which sold 2.2895 million vehicles (excluding Tengshi/Equation Leopard/Looking Up). In terms of vehicle models, the above-mentioned Tiguan L and Passat, which will be launched in mass production, are the best-selling models of SAIC Volkswagen. The cumulative sales volume in November before 2023 is 140,900 vehicles and 166,400 vehicles, while Polo is relatively low, only 35,200 vehicles. In terms of electric vehicles, at present, SAIC Volkswagen has three pure tram models: ID.4X, ID.6X and ID.3. The first two models are sister models with ID.4CROZZ and ID.6CROZZ of FAW-Volkswagen, while ID.3 is the unique model of SAIC Volkswagen. According to the data, ID.4X sold 22,200 vehicles in November before 2023, while ID.6X sold 5663 vehicles, which performed worse than FAW-Volkswagen sister models, while ID.3, known as "electric golf," continued to sell well after official price cuts, at 62,500 vehicles.

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