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Or sell it for 300000? Dark Blue G318 official Picture released

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On January 11, the brand-new SUV model officially named "Deep Blue G318" and released the official map of the new car.

From the official picture, in terms of appearance, the new car adopts a brand-new design style different from that of the current model. The front face is dominated by the hard "square box" shape, which looks tough as a whole. The new car adopts a large-area closed front panel with a unique C-shaped LED headlight group design, and the lower surrounding area has a solid bumper shape, and the visual effect is also relatively hard core.

On the side of the car body, the line of the new car is strong, and the car length is expected to reach 5 meters. The front and rear wheel eyebrows of the new car have been widened. The lower edge of the window at the D-pillar position has obvious upward contour. The roof also provides luggage rack, with hidden door handle, strong shoulder line and anti-scratch wheel eyebrow design, highlighting the tough style without losing the fashion sense. At the rear of the car, the new car adopts the popular plug-in spare tire design, the tailgate adopts the side-opening form, the rear bumper has a distinct hard style, and the overall design is also very individual.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to be equipped with super extended range technology, in the form of dual-motor four-wheel drive, and the dynamic performance may have good performance. As of the release, the official has not announced the specific dynamic parameters of the vehicle,"automobile industry attention" will also continue to pay attention.

Chang 'an Deep Blue is a new energy automobile brand released by Chang' an Automobile on April 13,2022. On April 23 of the same year, Chang 'an Automobile announced the LOGO of its brand-new brand Chang' an Deep Blue, and determined that the brand-new model "C385" was named after "Chang 'an Deep Blue SL03." In March 2023, Chang 'an Deep Blue changed its name to Deep Blue Automobile. The relevant person in charge of Chang' an Automobile responded that: "Chang 'an Deep Blue changed to Deep Blue Automobile in order to make the brand clearer, and the others remained unchanged. "

Up to now, there are two models of Deep Blue SL03 and Deep Blue S7 under Deep Blue Automobile. Among them, Deep Blue SL03 is the first model of Chang 'an Deep Blue brand. The car was launched in July 2022 and launched 4 models in total. At present, the price is 1799 - 699,900 yuan. Based on Chang 'an's brand-new EPA1 pure electric platform, the car is positioned as a medium-sized sedan, offering three power options: extended range version, pure electric version and hydrogen energy version. The main competitors include Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal; Deep Blue S7 is the second mass production model of Deep Blue Automobile. It is built based on EPA1 platform and positioned as a medium-sized SUV. It was launched in June 2023. It launched 5 models in total, with the price range of 1499 - 202,900 yuan. It provides extended range hybrid and pure electric version models on power. It mainly competes with BYD Tang, Frigate 07 and Tesla Model Y equivalent models in the automobile market.

Retail data show that the cumulative sales volume of Deep Blue SL03 in 2023 was 72578 units; that of Deep Blue S7 was 51390 units.

If nothing happens, the Deep Blue G318 will become the third model of Deep Blue Automobile. As for the price issue that everyone cares about, relevant personage discloses, new car future price or in 300,000 yuan or so, or in the year listed, after listing and tank brand and equation leopard brand competition, this also means that deep blue car formally joined the ranks of domestic hard SUV. For reference, the price range of Tank 300 is 1998 - 302,800 yuan; the price range of Equation Leopard 5 is 2898 - 352,800 yuan.

It should be noted that in recent years, more and more independent brands have begun to lay out the "hard cross-country" market segment, including the tank brand of Great Wall Motor, Dongfeng Warrior and BYD Equation Leopard. According to the data, the sales volume of domestic off-road vehicles in 2020 is about 170,000 vehicles, and the penetration rate in passenger car market is not high. However, in 2022, the output of domestic hard-core off-road vehicles has increased to 231,700 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 17%, and the demand is 210,200 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 25.8%.

The launch of Deep Blue G318 may make up for the gap in this field. As for whether the sales volume of Deep Blue will be further boosted with the perfection of brand matrix and the launch of new models, it remains to be seen by the market and more time.

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