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China Post will fully undertake Hongmeng Zhixing user center agent? Huawei clarifies

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At noon on January 10, Hongmeng Zhixing, a subsidiary of Huawei, made a clarification statement against the false report that "China Post will fully undertake Huawei's automobile business as the user center agent of Hongmeng Zhixing." Hongmeng Zhixing official said in a statement on Weibo that China Post is building a new Hongmeng Zhixing user center to develop together with the existing AITO Inquiries User Center, which is under the responsibility of Celis. Hongmeng Zhixing explained that it will continue to strengthen the construction of service system and bring better sales and service experience to consumers together with partners.

It is understood that there have been media reports that China Post will take over Huawei's automobile business Hongmeng Zhixing user center agent in an all-round way, and initially plans to invest 30 billion yuan in the construction of Hongmeng Zhixing user centers and stores everywhere. The AITO authorized user experience center built by Celis will also be handed over to China Post or hosted. However, this message is currently unavailable for viewing.

The above-mentioned "China Post", namely China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Co., Ltd., is Huawei's long-term cooperation mobile phone dealer. According to public information, China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Co., Ltd.(PTAC) was founded in 1964. It is a secondary subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing. There are 38 subsidiaries, 39 branches and a number of holding and joint-stock enterprises such as China Post Putai Communication Service Co., Ltd. and China Post Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

As for Hongmeng Zhixing, it is one of Huawei's cooperation models with automobile companies. Previously, Huawei's cooperation mode with automobile companies was divided into three modes: parts supply mode, HI mode (solution mode) and intelligent vehicle selection mode. Among them, intelligent vehicle selection mode, i.e. Huawei deeply participated in product definition, vehicle design and channel sales, is the closest cooperation mode between Huawei and automobile manufacturers, and is considered by the outside world to be the mode with the highest "Chinese content."

On November 9,2023, Huawei announced at the launch conference of Smart S7 that it would rename its smart car business as HIMA (Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance).

At present, in addition to Sailisi, the automobile manufacturers cooperated with Hongmeng Zhixing also include Chery, Beiqi and Jianghuai. Among them, the brand cooperated with Huawei is Wenjie, and three models M5, M7 and M9 have been launched; the brand cooperated with Huawei is Zhijie, and the first model is S7.

With the increase of cooperative automobile manufacturers, Huawei is bound to face marketing problems. Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and BU CEO of intelligent automobile solutions, once explained why Huawei wants to carry out unified management and marketing of products of multiple automobile enterprises. Yu Chengdong said: "At present, the inquiry boundary is produced by Celis, and Chery, Beiqi and Jianghuai will also join in immediately. If each automobile enterprise adopts different brands, our marketing, service and retail will be very complicated, so we hope to adopt common elements and brands. "Since then, it has also been reported that Huawei's smart car business is building a car sales store different from the current mobile phone store, which is specially used to sell Huawei's smart car eco-alliance models. As for why special stores should be built, industry analysts say it may be related to the gradual increase of Huawei's intelligent selection model partners, while the exhibition hall of mobile phone stores was not enough before.

At the end of December 2023, according to 36 Krypton, Huawei is building independent Hongmeng Zhixing stores for smart cars. It is estimated that the number of newly built Hongmeng Zhixing stores will reach about 800 in 2024 and 1000 in 2025. As for the product planning in 2024, it was previously reported that this year AITO will launch two models, the new M5 and the M8, which are positioned between M7 and M9; the second model of the intellectual world brand will be launched in the second half of this year, with the internal code EHY, known as "Large Model Y"; the model cooperated by Huawei and BAIC may be unveiled in the first half of this year and then launched; As for Huawei and Jianghuai cooperation models, there are close to Huawei industry insiders revealed to reporters, the brand early layout car, MPV two models, the actual release time or 2025.

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