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Car discipline refuses to apologize: it has applied for enforcement.

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Recently, new progress has been made in the case of Xilai Automobile suing Douyin V for the infringement of reputation rights in "vehicle discipline".

On January 12, the Ministry of Automobile Law of Xilai said: the case of both sides has been decided by the court of first instance, and the court ruled that the Shanghai ladder constitutes an infringement and needs to apologize to Weilai. However, the Shanghai ladder "car discipline" did not apologize in accordance with the contents of the effective judgment. Weilai has applied to the court for compulsory enforcement, and the court has also formally put the case on file.

Review of related events: on June 2, 2022, Douyin Big V "Automobile Ji" released a post on Douyin platform entitled "BYD and Weilai, who is cutting leeks?" The owner of the video said: "the price of Weilai ES8 is 47-630000 in China and how much is it when exported to Norway? equivalent to 41-460000 yuan."

Subsequently, Xilai filed a lawsuit against the video. At that time, the official of Xilai said: "car discipline" and its operator, Shanghai ladder Information Technology Co., Ltd., deliberately made false remarks in its video by comparing the price of foreign battery-free models with the price of the whole car with batteries. Mislead the public, and use to incite national sentiment, denigrate Weilai, step on a handful of ways to carry out malicious hype. In response, Weilai has filed a lawsuit demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan.

At the same time, it is also pointed out that in the course of the lawsuit, Auto Shiji continues to maliciously release videos that distort the facts and mislead the public through its account. Weilai said it had obtained evidence and sent it a letter from a lawyer asking for deletion and an apology.

In response to Weilai's lawsuit, Che said in a video post on Douyin that he did not think there was any rumor-mongering and had been actively responding to the lawsuit. On July 28 last year, the reputation infringement case of both sides finally came to an end. In July last year, the Ministry of Automobile Law said that it had received a judgment of first instance from the court that the online account "Automobile discipline" of Shanghai ladder Information Technology Co., Ltd. had been at the top for 30 days in a row and issued an apology to Weilai. At the same time, compensation for economic losses of 300000 yuan was made within 10 days of the verdict.

The official pointed out in the article that he had tried to communicate with the infringer Shanghai ladder for several rounds, asking him to clarify and apologize, but he always refused to release a positive clarification video while admitting that the content was inaccurate. Its staff even directly admitted in the communication that the release of the infringing video was to create a conflicting effect. For this kind of illegal infringement that distorts the facts and infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of users, Weilai will continue to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Weilai and users through legal means, and safeguard the healthy development and legal dignity of the industry. In addition, the official said that the amount of compensation has been donated to corresponding public charity organizations to support public charities such as student aid and poverty alleviation.

On November 14 last year, the Ministry of Justice of Weilai issued another article saying that the final result of the case of "vehicle discipline" infringing on the reputation right of Weilai came out, and the case was won. Weilai said: after receiving the court's final judgment, the court found that the video content involved in the infringer's Shanghai ladder case was untrue, misleading ordinary netizens who were not clear about the price information of electric vehicles to get the wrong perception, which was obviously at fault. The verdict resulted in the publication of an apology for 30 consecutive days and a compensation of 300000 yuan to Weilai.

Counting the time, it has been nearly two months since the last time Wei sent an article to the Ministry of Justice, and there has not been any statement of apology on the Douyin platform, and the car has not responded to it. According to the data, the personal certification of Automotive discipline on Douyin platform is a senior creator in the automotive field. As of press time, the Douyin platform has 6.545 million followers and 100 million likes.

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