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Millions of new energy flagship cars! Looking up to the U7 declaration chart is coming.

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration catalogue, "Automotive Industry concern" inquired that BYD looked up to the new models of high-end car brands-- the U7 declaration chart has appeared on the declaration catalogue. The new car is the third car to look up to the brand after looking up to the U8 and U9. A week ago, the car was positioned as a "million new energy flagship sedan" in the Weibo official statement. The new car uses eSifang and Yunqi technology and is expected to sell for millions of dollars.

In terms of appearance, the declaration information shows that there are two different versions of the new car, with the main difference being the rims, one with a sports style of multi-spoke rims and the other with a more new energy style. Specifically, the front face of the new car is designed with a closed grille, with exaggerated "C"-style daylight groups on both sides, and the interior of the lamp group is integrated with a strip texture design, which will show a dynamic effect radiating from the inside to the outside. The front enclosure adopts the through-type heat sink design, and the two raised ribs of the front cabin cover make the whole vehicle look more athletic.

On the side of the body, the decoration of the front fender of the new car extends to the front door, showing a heavy feeling with the rising waistline. The new car is designed with frameless windows and hidden door handles, which are popular nowadays. In addition, the declaration information shows that the new car is equipped with standard electric tail wings and provides optional streaming media rearview mirrors.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5265/1998/1517mm and the wheelbase is 3160mm. In the rear part, the new rear light group adopts a penetrating design, and the rear enclosure is quite aggressive. The slightly raised spoiler further highlights the sense of movement of the vehicle, while the shape of the license plate frame highlights the visual effect of the narrow upper and lower width of the rear.

Interior part, previous espionage photos show that the new car control uses the same U8 curved screen, the steering wheel is the same U9 three-spoke style. The central channel is a double-layer storage grid with opposite armboxes, and the shift mechanism is electronic. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with easy square four motor technology, the maximum power of each motor is 240 kilowatts, and the comprehensive output power is 960 kilowatts, which is consistent with looking up to the U9.

In November 2022, BYD launched a new high-end new energy brand-look up, the brand is wholly owned by BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., targeting millions of markets, and will establish its own channel in the future. experience centers will be set up in cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu.

At present, the brand layout has looked up to U8 and U9 models, among which, U8 positioning million new energy off-road vehicles, looking up to U9 positioning million pure electric performance supercar.

In September 2023, the first model looked up to the launch of the U8 deluxe version at a price of 1.098 million yuan. It is understood that U8 is a large SUV with four wheel side motors, which can independently control four wheels, achieve lateral movement, in-situ U-turn and other functions, but also allow the vehicle to float on the surface of the water and complete straight and steering operations. As the first model of the brand, U8 will compete with Dongfeng Mengshi 917, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and other models after its launch. Looking up to the U9 equipped with easy Sifang technology, the price may also remain at the level of one million yuan.

With the exposure of the U7 declaration chart, it is expected that the new car will soon be available to consumers, and the price will exceed 1 million yuan. As we all know, BYD's sales volume mainly comes from the market of less than 300000 yuan, including two major product series: BYD Dynasty Network and Ocean Network. BYD launched a million-level look up to the brand model is really off guard, but for BYD, looking up to the brand is more to bear the high-end image of BYD. Of course, as a multi-million-class model, it is not easy for BYD to rely on the brand to increase sales. After all, million-yuan cars are not suitable for mass consumers.

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