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Power boost! Declaration chart of the new red flag H9

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration catalogue, "Automotive Industry concern" query found that the red flag H9 has appeared on the declaration catalogue. The appearance of the new car is mainly adjusted for details. In addition to continuing to carry 3.0T V6 engines, 1.8T and 2.5T V6 engines are also added to the power side. As a reference, the Hongqi H9 currently on sale is 2023 models that went on sale in August 2023, with a price range of 309800-539800 yuan.

Judging from the declaration chart, the appearance of the new car still adopts the classic design style of the Red Flag brand. The front face uses a straight waterfall grille with a brand-new arrow feather style headlamp design, the original U-word chromium-plated strip is more concise, and the shape of the through-type daily running lamp is also changed. In addition, the new Red Flag H9 adjusts the chrome strip in the front fender area to red decoration to make the new car look more recognizable.

Declaration chart of Hongqi H9 3.0T V6

On the side of the body, the new car basically continues the overall style of cash models on sale, and the smooth lines with double-color model hub design make the vehicle more personalized. According to the declaration information, the new car will provide a variety of new shape rims to choose from. In the rear part, the rear part of the new car adopts duck tail shape, and the taillight is a through-type layout, which is connected by a through-type chromium-plated strip. In the size part, the length, width and height of the new car are 5137/1904/1498mm and the wheelbase is 3060mm, which is basically the same as the cash.

In the interior part, the central console of the new car adopts a brand new suspended liquid crystal dashboard and multimedia display screen, and the two screens are conjoined style, which is also the place where the new car has changed greatly. In addition, the air conditioning outlet and shift lever area of the new car are designed and adjusted, and it is expected that the storage space of the center console will be optimized.

In addition to the interior decoration, there is also a significant improvement in the power of the new car. According to the application, the new car offers three power options, including the 1.8T engine model CA4GC18TD-32, the 2.5-liter V6 mechanically supercharged engine model CA6GV25TD-01 and the CA6GV30TD-05 3.0T V6 mechanically supercharged engine. Among them, the maximum power of 1.8T engine, 2.5T V6 engine and 3.0T V6 engine is 165 kilowatts, 223 kilowatts and 248 kilowatts. Compared with the current models on sale, the 1.8T engine and 2.5T V6 engine of the new car are added power, the 3.0T V6 engine is retained, and the maximum power is increased by 40 kilowatts. With the emergence of a smaller 1.8T engine, it means that the pricing of the entry-level version of the new Red Flag H9 will be able to go down further.

Up to now, FAW Hongqi's existing products include two major product systems: the car family and the SUV family, covering the middle and high-end market of 15-700000 yuan. Data show that FAW Hongqi retail sales were 364498 in 2023, compared with 291352 in 2022. Among the subdivided models, the top three models sold were Hongqi HS5, Hongqi H5 and Hongqi E-QM5, with cumulative sales of 105397, 99622 and 79616 respectively, while Hongqi H9 sold 15497 vehicles.

FAW is also ambitious for new energy vehicles. Like most traditional car companies, the transformation of red flag cars into new energy is also a mixture of pure electricity and gas-electricity. At present, FAW of China is All in new energy strategy, and the whole side is facing the transformation of new energy vehicles. Qiu Xiandong previously stressed that from 2023, FAW will firmly promote the All in new energy strategy, strive for the transformation of new energy vehicles, and accelerate the layout of new energy products. A total of 11 pure electric models and 11 plug-in hybrid models will be launched by 2028, achieving full coverage of A-to D-class sedan SUV, MPV and other market segments.

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