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159000! Dongfeng Yipai e π 007 starts pre-sale

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Recently, Dongfeng Yi School's first new energy model e π 007 opened the reservation, the new car positioning medium and large sedan. A total of four models have been launched: 200Pro extended range version, 530Pro version, 620Pro version and 540 all-wheel drive Max version, with an advance price of 159000 yuan. The new car will go on sale in the first quarter of this year.

Appearance: the front face uses a closed grille and the lower part is equipped with a blackened long strip air inlet. The low-lying front design is combined with split headlights on both sides and double T-type logo, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle. The rear part of the vehicle adopts the slip-back shape design, and the rear position of the vehicle adopts the through-type taillight design shape, which echoes the design of the electric hatchback tail door, the panoramic dome and the raised rib line on the hood to enhance the vehicle movement atmosphere. In terms of appearance and color, it provides seven colors of morning light white, stream lime, spruce green, faint blue purple, Xiangyang gold, night shadow black, stream lime (matte) for consumers to choose.

Body: the use of back-to-back sedan design, with a number of smooth body lines to improve the overall visual effect of the vehicle. Equipped with hidden door handles, large-size five-spoke low wind resistance styling rims, rear spoiler rising and falling with speed, electric tail wing and rear surround position equipped with tail diffuser decoration, etc., highlight the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4880/1895/1460mm and the wheelbase is 2915mm.

Interior: the overall is relatively simple, using white / gray two-color stitching interior, eliminating most of the physical keys, equipped with 15.6-inch central control screen and 8.8-inch LCD dashboard, equipped with double-spoke steering wheel. In terms of intelligent configuration, the whole department is equipped with L2 + intelligent driving assistance, equipped with 31 intelligent sensing hardware, which can realize driving assistance functions such as high-speed NOA navigation assistance driving, LAPA over-the-horizon memory parking and so on. Equipped with Dongfeng SOA intelligent cockpit to support multiple scene presets. The car has 38 service modules and 123 interfaces, supporting more than 300 custom scenarios, providing a comprehensive intelligent experience for drivers and passengers.

In terms of power, it is equipped with Dongfeng Mach E power system, which provides both extended range version and pure electric version. Among them, the comprehensive mileage of the extended version can reach 1200km, while in the pure electric version, the new car is divided into two power versions: single-motor and dual-motor four-wheel drive. A single motor provides two kinds of power, 160kW and 200kW. The dual motors are the front 200kW and the rear 200kW. In terms of competitive products, the new car will compete with models such as BYD Seal DM-i after its launch.

Data show: Dongfeng e π is Dongfeng's mainstream technology electric brand, released in November last year, the first model Dongfeng Yi Pai e π 007 was also unveiled at that time. Officials are very confident about the arrival of the new car. Although it is said that Dongfeng Yipai e π 007, will enter the 200000 yuan new energy vehicle market segment of the most fierce zone. However, Yu Fei, general manager of the marketing division of Dongfeng School, once said: e π 007 is not afraid of competition, and since it has come, it must be ready. I believe that with the strength of the product and the influence of the brand, e π 007 will be able to stand out in the market.

According to the latest official data, the 15-hour pre-sale order of e π 007 has exceeded 10,000 units. Judging from this pre-sale data alone, the result is still very good. According to the official plan, Dongfeng e π will launch 10 models within three years, covering pure electricity and extended range two major tracks, achieving full coverage of the mainstream market. Whether the follow-up Dongfeng e π can continue to maintain the breakthrough of the order remains to be verified over time.

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