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Avita responds to the operational crisis of Yongao Group: there is no mortgage and seizure.

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A few days ago, Guangdong Yongao was exposed that a number of its 4S stores had closed down. The 4S stores in Dongguan's Laobu Automobile City, such as AION, AITO, Linke and Mengjie, were temporarily closed, and the display cars in the stores were emptied because the capital chain of Guangdong Yongao Group, to which the store belongs, was broken and the display cars of its stores were towed away by the bank overnight.

It is understood that after Guangdong Yongao "exploded", some car companies took the lead in starting the "guarantee delivery" work. AITO, for example, took the lead in responding after hearing the news, transferring 31 vehicles that had not yet been delivered to users in advance and notifying users of follow-up solutions one by one. After the incident, Huawei United Cyrus immediately set up a special working group to rush to the scene to take the initiative to communicate with the bank, transfer the vehicle to a safe area and plan to redeem the vehicle certificate that has been mortgaged to the bank, and 31 models will be delivered in another user center.

Another Huawei-related car company has been questioned about the loss caused by the failure to convert vehicles in Avita stores in time. In this regard, Avita issued a statement today to respond: 1. Avita's marketing model is self-management mode or agency mode. All the real right relations of vehicles are in the hands of Avita, and they are not transferred to agents or other channels. There is no mortgage. There is no looting of materials, let alone the theory of being seized. Second, when it comes to Avita-related stores and users, we immediately get in touch with users to reduce users' worries, and at the same time we also start a user service preparation program, which can seamlessly switch between user delivery and after-sales service, provide door-to-door delivery service, etc., to ensure that users get the vehicle the first time.

To put it simply, the thunder in many stores in Yongao, Guangdong is caused by the broken capital chain, and the mode of cooperation between Avita and Yongao Group is self-management or agent, which determines that the cars in the 4S store do not belong to Yongao, and these cars cannot be mortgaged. There is no seizure.

In addition to enterprises, relevant departments have also set up relevant investigation teams to help employees and consumers solve their difficulties. According to the report, in view of the arrears of employees' wages, the government investigation team has sent personnel to Yongao Company to register personnel information and search relevant evidence; in view of the difficulties in vehicle delivery, the government investigation team has investigated and registered the delivery of vehicles in the company's 4S store, giving priority to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of car owners who have purchased all cars in accordance with the law.

Guangdong Yongao Group issued an announcement on January 19 in response: due to the superimposed influence of multiple factors such as the impact of the epidemic in the past three years, the adjustment of the automobile market, and the lack of enterprise risk control, the company has recently encountered a crisis.

In view of the delay in delivery and arrears of wages, Yongao Group said that it will take the following measures: 1. To set up a crisis management team: it will set up a professional crisis management team, which will be responsible for comprehensively coordinating and coordinating all work to ensure efficient and timely crisis management; 2. Ensure the delivery of customers' vehicles: all measures are being taken to give priority to mobilizing all forces to ensure the delivery of each vehicle in accordance with the company's unified deployment. 3. To protect the rights and interests of all employees: we are stepping up arrangements for accounting, and will try every means to give priority to protecting the payroll and other legitimate rights and interests of all employees; 4. Actively seeking self-help plans: actively docking and coordinating with all parties, looking for possible restructuring plans and opportunities, and have a preliminary intention

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