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Xiaopeng car dropped 50,000 yuan!

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On the evening of January 23rd, Xiaopeng officially announced that from now on to February 29th, 2024, the purchase of Xiaopeng P7i entry model can enjoy a limited time discount price of 208900 yuan (guidance price of 223900 yuan), and the purchase of P7i wing performance version will enjoy a time-limited subsidy of 50, 000 yuan. Benefits are as low as 289900 yuan. According to Xiaopeng's official website, the fastest delivery period of the P7i wing performance version after locking is 4-6 weeks, and the rest of the models can be delivered as soon as 1 week.

Xiaopeng Motor continuously adjusts the price of the P7i. On the one hand, the major car companies are crazy to roll in, further threatening Xiaopeng's market position under the background of exchanging profits for sales, while Xiaopeng P7i price reduction is to ensure market competitiveness to some extent. On the other hand, Xiaopeng is at a low ebb. The P7 was once Xiaopeng's best-selling model, falling to third place after the launch of the G6 and the new G9. The price cut is to revive market sales as much as possible. At present, the market environment of Xiaopeng P7 has been very different. New power, new energy brands of traditional automobile enterprises and new energy vehicles of joint venture brands all aim at 20 to 300000 yuan of electric vehicle market. Although this market share is relatively low, it has changed from blue ocean to red sea. For example, polar krypton 007, which has just been listed, and Ji Yue 07 and Xiaomi SU7, which are about to be listed later, may pose a threat to Xiaopeng P7i.

Xiaopeng P7i is a medium-term modification of the P7 model, which was officially launched in March 2023, when the 702 rear-drive version and 610 performance version were launched, and a new 550 rear-drive version was added in November 2023 to further lower the threshold for car purchase. the next month Xiaopeng announced a maximum discount of 26000 yuan for all models, including 224900 yuan for the Max version.

According to Xiaopeng's official website, the models on sale of Xiaopeng P7i include 550 rear drive version, 702 rear drive version and 610 performance version, all of which offer Pro and Max versions for consumers to choose from, with a starting price of 233900 yuan for 550 rear drive version, 249900 yuan for 702 rear drive version and 289900 yuan for 610 performance version. Compared with the 610 Max performance version, the Xiaopeng P7i wing performance version includes active continuous variable damping shock absorber, electric opening and closing front Peng wing door (anti-clamping / obstacle avoidance function), Dana Confidence series original audio and cool black (green sewing) + green seat belt and so on.

Retail data show that Xiaopeng P7 sold a total of 45371 vehicles in 2023, making it Xiaopeng's best-selling model, but down 23.2% from 59066 in 2022.

When the aftermath of the "price war" throughout the year has not gone away, the bugle of price reduction has been sounded again. On January 12, Tesla updated the Chinese official website to adjust the price of the Model 3xxY rear wheel drive version and long-lasting version, ranging from 6500 yuan to 15500 yuan.

At the same time, a number of domestic new energy car companies have also launched new year's time-limited car purchase discount activities, including ideal cars, Lecker, Avita, Zero, FAW Toyota, Najia, Euler, Lectra, and other auto brands to launch promotions, in the form of time-limited insurance subsidies, time-limited deposit and so on.

New energy brands are scrambling to cut prices and promote sales in order to compete for market share. Most of the time-limited promotion policies launched by car companies are concentrated in January, and before the Spring Festival, it is also considered to be the peak sales season in the car market. A research report pointed out that the growth rate of the head new energy car companies is under pressure in 2024, so the price war led by the head new energy vehicle companies will continue, especially in the mainstream price band of 100000 yuan to 200000 yuan. Of course, the direct impact of "price for volume" is to dilute the profits of car companies.

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