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The next generation of explorers will be released, made in China in the first half of the year.

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A few days ago, the new generation of Chevrolet Equinox (domestic explorers) ushered in the debut. It is understood that the new Chevrolet explorer has a total of three appearance shapes, this release for the RS version and Activ version of two models, the overall use of Chevrolet's latest family design language, inclined to the tough off-road style. Prior to this, SAIC GM's real car picture of the new generation of domestic explorers has been exposed, which is basically consistent with the American version of the design released this time, and the domestic version of the new car is expected to be released in the first half of 2024.

As a fourth-generation model, the new explorer streamlined the number of models in the US market, eliminating the entry-level LS and top Premier models, retaining the LT and RS models, and adding the Activ model. From the point of view of the car model setting, the new generation of explorers are more obvious in the product style and differences between different models than the previous generation models, and the car model distinction is no longer a simple embodiment of configuration richness.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of explorers is very similar to the scaled-down version of the new tour leader, the shape of the front face is more square and strong, compared with the appearance of the current era, the new car is more in line with the current aesthetic trend. On this basis, the appearance orientations of the three models of the new generation of explorers are different, of which the LT is a conventional version, the interior of the front grille is filled with chrome-plated disconnected banners and embellished with letter logos; the RS version of the intake grille is tighter to create a stronger sports; the new Activ model can be regarded as the off-road version of the new generation of explorers, and SAIC GM will also introduce the car. Compared with the RS and LT models, the new generation of explorer Activ adjusts the front grille frame to a more rough gray decoration, which is different from the body color treatment of RS and LT.

On the side of the car body, the overall side lines of the new generation of explorers are similar to those of the Traverse model, while the C-pillar and suspension models are still very recognizable. In addition, the two models will be equipped with different styles of rims and tires, with the Activ version paying more attention to cross-country orientation and the RS version paying more attention to daily road driving. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 4653/1902/1667mm, and the wheelbase is 2730mm, which is widened 51mm compared with the current American version.

In the rear part, the overall shape still continues the tough style of the front face, and the spoiler extending from the roof is embellished with luggage rack to create a good cross-country atmosphere. The overall use of black around the lower, with hidden exhaust layout, so that the overall sense of the rear of the vehicle is strong.

In terms of interior decoration, the new generation of explorer car uses a new double-screen layout, including 11-inch LCD dashboard and 11.3 multimedia display screen, which is significantly larger than the 7-inch multimedia display screen of the previous generation explorer American version. At the same time, the new car is equipped with a heightened sub-dashboard design, the lower hollowed-out treatment is expected to be better than the previous generation of explorers in storage space, and the new shift mode also releases a certain amount of sub-dashboard space. At present, the interior of the domestic version of the new generation of explorers has not yet been exposed, and the main design of the American version is expected to continue.

In terms of power, the American version of the new generation of explorer continues to carry a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 131 kilowatts (177 horsepower) and a peak torque of 275 Nm, with the same power parameters as the previous generation. In terms of transmission, the new generation of pioneer models match the CVT continuously variable transmission, the four-wheel drive models match the brand new eight-speed automatic transmission, and the six-speed automatic transmission matched by the previous generation of American explorers is no longer available.

With the release of the American version of the new generation of explorer models, Chevrolet's SUV product line in the North American market has ushered in a comprehensive update, and the new generation of explorer and the previously released new tour leader will also become the sales pillar of the Chevrolet brand SUV in the North American market for some time in the future. After the release of the American version of the model, it is expected that the domestic version of the new generation of explorers will also usher in the launch. However, unlike the American version, in addition to the 1.5T engine, the domestic version will also provide an optional 2.0T engine with higher power parameters. In the face of the replacement of Volkswagen Tuguan L in 2024, the domestic joint venture brand fuel medium-sized SUV segment market competition will undoubtedly be more fierce in the future.

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