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Another senior executive of Great Wall left? There was no official response.

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Qiao Xinyu, executive vice president of Harvard brand marketing of Great Wall Motors, has resigned, according to several domestic media reports. Reported that Qiao Xinyu's departure may be related to the adjustment of the organizational structure of the Harvard brand, which may usher in a major adjustment of the product matrix in the future. When Automotive Industry concerns checked Qiao Xinyu's personal Weibo account, the last update time on his Weibo account showed that it stayed on December 19, 2023, that is, his Weibo account had not been updated for more than a month.

As of press time, Great Wall Motor officials have not yet responded to the above news, whether Qiao Xinyu has left remains to be further confirmed by officials.

According to public data, Qiao Xinyu has 20 years of experience in the automotive field. Before joining Great Wall Motor, Qiao Xinyu worked at Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. From September 2004 to January 2011, Qiao Xinyu served as the sales regional manager of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Automobile Co., Ltd., and from February 2011 to September 2018, he has served as the marketing manager, regional marketing director and senior brand manager of Volkswagen (China) sales Co., Ltd.

In September 2018, Qiao Xinyu joined Great Wall Motor and served as Wei Brand CMO, Deputy General Manager and Director of Product Planning Department. In January 2023, Qiao Xinyu was transferred to Harvard Brand as Executive Vice President of Harvard Marketing, responsible for co-ordinating Harvard brand strategy and product planning, product and brand communication, sales management, service experience, etc. In terms of entry time, Qiao Xinyu has joined Great Wall for a long time, but he has only been transferred to Harvard as executive vice president of marketing for about a year.

It is understood that shortly after taking over the position of executive deputy general manager of the Harvard brand, Qiao Xinyu pointed out in an interview with the media on the eve of the Haikou auto show that the problem with the Harvard brand was that the sales volume of each market segment did not meet expectations. In the field of new energy, consumer consumption logic has changed, the penetration of the Harvard brand is poor, and arrangements have been made for the development of the Harvard brand in 2023, including building a new and independent new energy sales network. So as to promote the growth of permeability.

After entering 2023, Great Wall made a series of adjustments to its brands, including naming the Harvard brand new energy sales network "Hafron", distinguishing Harvard brand new energy vehicle products from fuel vehicle products, using independent sales channels, and so on. In terms of models, the brand has also launched a number of new energy vehicles, including Harvard II Big Dog, Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX and Harvard Raptor, among which Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX/ Haver Raptor is Qiao Xinyu's new Longwang series model released during Qiao Xinyu's tenure as Deputy General Manager of Harvard Brand.

In May 2023, Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX was officially launched, and the two models are plug-in models, of which Harvard Owl Dragon locates the compact SUV with a price range of 13.98-156800 yuan, which focuses on the mainstream consumer market; the owl dragon MAX locates a medium-sized SUV with a price range of 15.98-179800 yuan, mainly in the high-end market, which is the first model equipped with the new hybrid architecture of Great Wall Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive system. In October 2023, Haverraptor officially launched three new models with a price range of 16.58-183800 yuan. the car is sold by Havelong net and is powered by a 1.5T Hi4 plug-in hybrid system and equipped with rear axle differential locks. However, the launch of the new car has not brought growth to the Harvard brand.

According to retail data, the top three models sold by the Harvard brand in 2023 were the Harvard H6, the Harvard Big Dog and the Harvard M6, with cumulative sales of 218200, 124000 and 51500, respectively, while the owling Dragon MAX was 30500. The other Harvard Raptor model sold by Haverong net totaled 17200. Among them, in December 2023, the Harvard Raptor was 6098, while the Owl Dragon MAX was 1148.

It should be noted that the personnel of the Great Wall brand has changed frequently since 2023. On January 30, 2023, Wang Fengying, former general manager of Great Wall, joined Xiaopeng as president of Xiaopeng; on May 8, Guo Tiefu, general manager of public relations of Great Wall, left and joined Geely's radar as chief operating officer; on May 24, Wen Fei, general manager of Euler / Salon brand, left due to medical reasons. On October 13, Wei Brand and tank CEO Chen Siying, who had only been employed for eight months, posted a personal farewell to Great Wall Motor on Weibo. On November 3, Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., released new personnel change information on domestic social platforms. Liu Yanzhao will serve as general manager of Wei brand and tank brand, responsible for the overall management of Wei brand and tank brand. Zhao Yongpo will be the general manager of the Harvard brand, responsible for the overall management of the Harvard brand, and Gu Yukun, the former commodity director of the tank 500, will serve as the executive deputy general manager of the tank brand.

"Automotive Industry concern" believes that personnel changes often mean the arrival of "big action", so the industry is also very concerned about personnel changes, but frequent personnel changes are bound to lead to unclear brand goals. work can not be effectively carried out, and so on.

At present, Great Wall Motor's share in the fuel vehicle market is shrinking, and new energy products are not yet fully capable of taking the lead. It is clear that Great Wall Motor urgently needs to launch more products that can be recognized by consumers, which also means that Great Wall Motor, which flourished in the fuel truck era, needs to make more changes.

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