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A new force of car-building has been rumored to withdraw from many stores! Official response

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Recently, some netizens posted a message on the Internet that Gaohe Automobile Chengdu where the square store posted a withdrawal notice.

From the notice of withdrawal issued by netizens, we can see that the mall said that Gaohe Motor was temporarily informed that it was unable to continue to operate in the mall due to internal reasons of the brand. At the same time, the square there also pointed out in the announcement that the Gaohe car store failed to perform its obligations in accordance with the terms of the lease contract, the lease contract has not yet expired, did not inform us in advance in accordance with the contract, and the two sides did not reach a consensus, unilaterally close the store. Yan's family harms the legitimate rights and interests of shopping malls and consumers, and shopping malls will make continuous efforts to communicate with them, including, but not limited to, reporting to the relevant administrative departments and suing the court. Firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of shopping malls and consumers. In addition, consumers are reminded that if they have orders that have not yet been spent, please contact the store for processing as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that Gaohe car is not only Chengdu where the square has been reported to withdraw stores, Guangzhou Gaode Land Square stores have also been posted notice. From the notice of store withdrawal posted in Guangzhou Gaode Land Square, we can see that the reason for the withdrawal of Gaohe Automobile is the same as that of Chengdu Plaza, which is due to the inability to continue to operate in the mall for internal reasons.

Today, in response to the store closure in Guangzhou, the official response said: due to the adjustment of brand strategy, the Gaohe brand center in Guangzhou Gaode Land Winter Plaza has been relocated, and the new site is located in the high-tech user center in Guangzhou Science City.

Although officials have responded to the withdrawal, there has been an endless stream of bad news about Gaohe recently. Earlier this month, Gaohe was reported to have stopped shipments and stopped the development of new projects, which also sparked heated discussion on the Internet at that time. Subsequently, the official response to the matter said: the company's operation is normal, research and development, production, marketing, delivery and other work is normal. The original platform has deleted the relevant posts and warned the posting members. The misinterpretation of the relevant information has caused serious damage to Gaohe's brand reputation and misled public opinion. The company has reported the case to the public security department. Please do not believe the rumor.

Prior to this, in October last year, Gaohe was rumored to lay off staff on a large scale, with layoffs of up to 20 per cent and up to 50 per cent in individual departments. At the time, officials responded that the massive layoffs were false information and that this was a normal flow of personnel. Although the officials have refuted the rumors in time about the unfavorable news about Haohe Automobile, the frequent negative news will inevitably make the majority of netizens worried about the current situation of Haohe Automobile.

At the same time, several Gaohe models have performed poorly in the market. At present, Gaohe HiPhi X, Gaohe HiPhi Z and HiPhi Y are on sale. Gaohe HiPhi X went on sale in September 2020 with a price range of 578 million. Gaohe HiPhi Z will be launched in August 2022 with a price ranging from 51 yuan to 630000 yuan. HiPhi Y went on sale in July last year, positioning large-scale SUV in pure electricity, with a price range of 339000 yuan to 459000 yuan. According to relevant data, Gaohe accumulated sales of 4237 vehicles and 4520 vehicles from 2021 to 2022. Cumulative sales from January to November 2023 were 4265.

Sales are not ideal, and the financial situation is reported to be tight. Recently, some industry insiders close to Gaohe revealed to the media that Gaohe really has a tight capital chain and it is difficult for suppliers to pay. In addition, some former employees of Gaohe revealed to the media that Gaohe began to lay off a number of Gaohe employees working at the BAIC new energy Laixi plant in October last year, and the employees who were not laid off have been guaranteed a minimum wage of 2000-3000 yuan for at least three consecutive months since October last year.

Although many of Gaohe have yet to respond to this series of news. However, judging from the withdrawal of the store, the capital chain of high-tech cars is likely to be tight. Although it was reported last year that Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund Saudi Public Investment Fund and Gaohe's parent company, Chinese Express, are in talks to invest at least $250 million. But judging from the recent revelations of Gaohe, there may be a lot of uncertainty about the money.

Under the background of poor sales and the inability of external funds to be put in place in time, Gaohe is struggling step by step. As the race track competition for new energy vehicles intensifies, there may not be much time left for Gaohe.

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