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The exhibition tour is about to begin! Tesla Cybertruck named the cyber off-road station wagon

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Tesla China has announced that Tesla Cyber off-road station wagon (Cybertruck) will officially open its domestic tour exhibition on January 28, when it will be unveiled in eight cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi'an and Chongqing.

Tesla China said that Cybertruck is classified as pickup in the United States, but it may change in China because of factors such as restrictions on pickup models in China, while Cybertruck will not enter the Chinese market any time soon due to production capacity, regulations and other factors. Earlier, Tesla CEO Musk said on social media that it would be very difficult to legalize Cybertruck on the road in China, but Tesla would still send prototype cars to China for display to meet the curiosity and expectations of Chinese consumers.

Cybertruck, Tesla's first electric pickup, was launched at its headquarters in Los Angeles on November 22, 2019. the emergence of this electric pickup has subverted the market's perception of pickup models, because pickup models place more emphasis on functionality than cars and SUV, thus losing the innovative ability of pickup models in appearance and technology. However, the emergence of Cybertruck still shocked the market, because the Cybertruck is obviously more like a monster and more like a work of art than the pick-up trucks sold in the United States.

From the outside, Cybertruck is different from the S3XY series currently sold by Tesla, which has a stainless steel exoskeleton body without any painting, and looks like a large metal trapezoid car with wheels. In terms of interior decoration, the Cybertruck is designed in a minimalist style, with an 18.5inch central control screen in the front row, a brand-new steering wheel and no shift lever in the car, so it also needs to change gears through the central control screen.

In terms of power, Cybertruck offers three power options: single-motor rear drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive and three-motor four-wheel drive, of which the three-motor model neutralizes the output power of 845hp and provides a unique "beast mode" with acceleration time of 0.100km / h in 2.7s, mileage of about 515km, and extra extended battery pack, which can be extended to 705km.

At present, although Tesla China has launched the Cybertruck page tag, but has not announced the price of Cybertruck in China, will not be announced in a short period of time. On December 1, 2023, Cybertruck opened its first delivery at a Texas super factory and officially announced the price. Cybertruck starts at $60990 (RMB 435000), $79990 (RMB 571000) and $99900 (RMB 714000) excluding discounts. The cheapest rear-wheel drive version won't be delivered until 2025.

Pickup models have been faced with relatively stringent restrictions in China. They are restricted from entering the main urban areas and are unable to enjoy a six-year inspection exemption policy. Vehicles are inspected once a year within 10 years, twice a year after 10 years, and forced to be scrapped for 15 years or 600000 kilometers. Highways on holidays are not free. In other words, if Cybertruck is sold in China, it will also face 15 years of compulsory scrapping, which is why Cybertruck changed its name to "cyber off-road wagon" after entering China, and officials want its positioning to change.

However, in recent years, the restrictions on pickups have been liberalized, especially after the rapid development of electric vehicles, the use of pickups is no longer limited to commercial use, to meet the demand driven by the rise of outdoor sports such as cross-country, camping and wild fishing. At the National two sessions in 2023, representatives such as Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, and Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, all suggested that the classification of pickups should be classified into the category of passenger cars. Although the current scale of the pickup market is relatively small, with the gradual implementation of the lifting policy, the development opportunities of the pickup market will be very large.

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