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Lantu's results are announced at the beginning of the year, challenging the target of 100000 vehicles.

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On the first day of February, the first person to announce monthly sales was not the ideal, not the boundary, but Lantu.

Official figures show that Lantu delivered a total of 7041 new cars in the first month of the year, up 355% from a year earlier, but down 29% from 10017 in December 2023. Of course, in any case, compared with the same period, Lantu car is off to a good start. It is understood that in 2023, Lantu delivered 50552 new cars for the whole year, an increase of 160% over the same period last year. It is one of the few car companies that have been able to meet their annual sales targets.

Lantu Automobile is a high-end new energy brand of Dongfeng Group. H Business Department, which was established in 2018, launched the Lantu automobile brand in 2020. For Lantu Automobile, Dongfeng Group gives an important task and high hopes, Dongfeng Group in the new energy electrification transformation is not smooth. However, before the third quarter of 2023, Lantu did not stir up too much spray in the market. The monthly sales of its three models, Lantu FREE, Lantu Dreamer and Lantu Yuguang, have been at a low level between 2000 and 4000 vehicles, almost a fraction of the ideal car sales. According to statistics, the annual sales of Lantu cars are 6791 in 2021, and the target is 31000 in 2022. This goal is not high, but the actual sales are only 19400.

Behind this phenomenon, Lantu Automobile lacks unique brand tonality, which has also become another major reason for the growth of Lantu sales. From the perspective of product system, Lantu FREE, Lantu dreamer and Lantu Juguang do not show obvious product advantages in their respective subdivided tracks.

In 2023, Lantu set a target of 50, 000 vehicles, showing a monthly sales increase from the second half of the year, and reached a brief peak of more than 10, 000 in December, thus enabling Lantu to successfully achieve its annual target of 50552 vehicles. However, from the point of view of the industry, even if Lantu Automobile achieves its goal, there is still too much uncertainty in its future development, because compared with the new forces in the market, especially the ideal car, 376030 cars are delivered throughout the year, and there is also a big gap compared with the same traditional high-end new energy brands, such as Mengjie and Polar Krypton. Generally speaking, the current Lantu Automobile is far from being able to bear the important task of electrified transformation of Dongfeng Group.

It is understood that this is not the first time that Lantu Automobile has cooperated with a technology company. Lantu signed an agreement with Baidu as early as April 2022, and announced the launch of the new Lantu FREE in August of the same year, which became the first product equipped with Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Pro pilot assisted intelligent driving system. Generally speaking, whether it is looking for Baidu or Huawei, the ultimate goal of Lantu Automobile is to join hands with big manufacturers to make up for their own shortcomings, but also to improve their own development decline.

Why didn't Lantu join Hongmeng Zhixuan? In the end, Huawei will bring limited gains to its partner car companies. Finally, the cooperation between Lantu Automobile and Huawei can not bring substantial sales growth for Lantu Automobile. In fact, this is only a sub-item, but it still makes up for its own shortcomings.

In 2024, Lantu set a sales target of 100000 vehicles, double that of 2023. If Lantu wants to achieve this goal, it is on its own.

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