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Meta Pro replacement! BYD Yuan UP official picture released

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On February 1, BYD released a new small SUV-- yuan UP official chart of The new car has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is expected to be listed in March and will belong to the "Yuan" family camp in the future. In terms of power, Yuanup will have three models in the future, all of which are single-motor versions, with a maximum power of 130kW permanent magnet synchronous drive motor and a range of 301km and 401km respectively, which is suitable for urban transportation.

In terms of appearance, BYD Yuan UP not only maintains the dynasty's Longyan aesthetic design style, but also integrates more fashionable and younger elements. Specifically, the new car adopts a new design style, with a black decoration board in the front box and a logo in the middle of the small seal font, with a long and narrow headlight group on both sides, with a prominent sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the front bumper has a unique shape and a high degree of recognition.

On the side of the body, the car uses a hidden door handle, and its bottom edge is also added with black trim panels and chromium plating elements to increase the off-road flavor. In terms of size, its length, width and height are 4310/1830/1675mm, wheelbase is 2620mm, and it is positioned as a small SUV, at the same level as the meta Pro.

In the rear part of the car, Yuan UP uses a brand-new Chinese knot style to run through the light belt, which complements the cute style of the whole car. It is worth mentioning that the car is different from the existing dynasty family models, its tail mark is the word BYD LOGO, rather than the meta-style of the same small seal font as the front.

BYD's main selling products have two series, namely dynasty net and ocean net, among which dynasty net has a larger market share. In 2023, BYD's annual retail sales of 2.706 million vehicles increased by 50.0% over the same period last year. Qin PLUS New Energy, Song PLUS New Energy and Yuan PLUS ranked in the top three, with sales of 434000, 390000 and 310000 respectively, with a total sales of 1.134 million vehicles, accounting for 41.9% of BYD's total car sales.

Meta-family models on sale include meta-PLUS and meta-Pro, in which meta-PLUS positioning compact SUV and meta-Pro positioning small SUV. In terms of sales volume, Yuan PLUS is almost responsible for sales, selling 310000 vehicles in the whole year, while Yuan Pro is only 11000.

Why launch Yuan up? In fact, meta-UP can be seen as a replacement of meta-Pro, meta-PLUS is the first compact SUV based on e-platform 3.0, while meta-UP is the first small SUV based on e-platform 3.0, which fills the gap in BYD's A0-level SUV market. Although the wheelbase is slightly lower than that of dolphins, the overall size is much larger than dolphins. If the price is similar to that of dolphins, larger sizes may attract many consumers who need more SUV models.

At present, BYD has launched four major brands, including BYD, Teng Teng, equation Leopard and look up. According to the plan, BYD will launch a number of new cars in 2024, including Qin L and Yuan UP, Haishi 07 and the first hard pickup truck.

On January 1, BYD released wholesale sales data, showing that BYD's cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in 2023 was 3024417, an increase of 62.3% over the same period last year, successfully achieving the annual sales target of 3 million vehicles. It is understood that BYD has set a target of 45-5 million vehicles in 2024, 150-2 million more than the target of 3 million in 2023, equivalent to the one-year sales level of mainstream automakers in China.

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