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Here comes the list of new energy vehicle sales in the new week!

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The latest week of new energy vehicle brand sales is released in the fourth week of 2024 (January 22-January 28).

Judging from the ranking of the list, the top three car companies in weekly sales are BYD, Tesla and Wuling respectively. Among them, BYD continued to top the list with weekly sales of 43300 vehicles, while Tesla and Wuling sold 12800 and 8800 vehicles respectively. Ideal cars and Q & An are not far behind, with sales of 8500 and 8000, respectively.

In addition, Ian, Volkswagen, Galaxy, Ulay and Polar Krypton are also among the top 10. Volkswagen was the only German brand to make the list, with sales of 3600 vehicles, rising from eighth to seventh place compared with the previous week (January 15 to January 21), but sales fell. For reference, Volkswagen sold 3800 vehicles the week before.

In terms of the new power brand sales list, ideal car and Q & J respectively ranked in the top two places. Among them, the ideal car leads the new power list with weekly sales of 8500, followed by 8000. Compared with the previous two weeks, the sales of ideal car and Q & J have both increased, and the gap between the two is gradually narrowing.

It is worth mentioning that in the first week of 2024, the ideal car was asked to overtake. From January 1 to 7, the weekly sales of ideal cars were 5900 and that of ideal cars was 4300; from January 8 to 14, the weekly sales of ideal and ideal cars were the same, both at 6800. Although ideal cars returned to the top of the list in the third and fourth weeks, the cumulative sales of ideal cars in the first four weeks of 2024 (January 1 to January 28) were 28100, still lagging behind the 27100, a difference of 1000, which also means that the ideal car may miss the champion of the month. Of course, this is just a guess, and it will be better to wait and see how the ideal car and the world's sales will perform in the end.

Going back to the fourth week (January 22-January 28) New Power brand sales list, in addition to the ideal car and the question of the boundary, the third place is Lulai, with sales of 3300 vehicles. For comparison, the third largest car in the previous week was Deep Blue (3200). In the new week, Deep Blue has fallen to fifth place, with sales of 3000 vehicles.

In addition to the above brands, polar krypton cars are also in the top five, with sales of 3100 vehicles, ranking fourth. Zero running cars, Tengli cars, Xiaopeng cars, Najia cars and Lantu cars are all in the top 10, with weekly sales of 2700, 2300, 2200, 1700 and 1500 respectively.

In terms of luxury brand sales list, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla all sold more than 10,000 vehicles, 21000, 16200, 15900 and 12800 respectively. In addition, ideal cars entered the top five, making it the highest-ranked Chinese luxury brand on the list.

Overall, in the luxury car market of more than 300000 yuan, including traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, the ideal car has steadily ranked in the top five, and it is getting closer and closer to BBA, becoming one of the biggest dark horses in Chinese car companies. As for whether the ideal car can become the first luxury brand in China, it will take more time to verify. In addition to the top five on the list, QQ, Cadillac, Volvo, Lexus and Xilai are also among the top 10.

After entering 2024, the major car companies have given more ambitious sales targets, while the new energy vehicle industry accelerates the survival of the fittest, in this context, the competition among car companies will become more and more fierce. According to the latest data from the Federation of passengers, retail sales in the domestic passenger car market were 1.708 million units from January 1 to 28, up 64 per cent from a year earlier and down 15 per cent from a month earlier. The federation had expected the retail market for narrow passenger cars to be about 2.2 million in January, down 6.5 per cent from the previous month.

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