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From 468000 yuan! Tank 700Hi4-T basic version starts pre-sale

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On January 30th, the basic version of the tank's 700Hi4-T model was put on sale in advance. Among them, the pre-sale price of the extreme version is 468000 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the polar version is 508000 yuan.

It is worth noting that the pre-price has been reduced by nearly 200000 yuan compared with the official pre-price of 700000 yuan for the limited edition of the first issue. However, compared with the limited version, the basic version has fewer configurations such as appearance kit, star ceiling and carbon fiber. Related information shows that the limited version of the tank 700Hi4-T was unveiled and pre-sold at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, and the limited edition of 70 units has been sold out.

Appearance: the machine armor design style is adopted, which is similar to the tank 400 Hi4-T design style. The front face uses upper and lower grille, with large size medium net. The lower enclosure adopts a three-stage design, the bottom is equipped with a trapezoidal air inlet, and the interior is a horizontal design. Sharp LED headlights are installed on both sides, which greatly improves the level of the front of the car. The rear part of the car is equipped with external spare tire, side open rear door and roof luggage rack, and the lower surrounding position uses a large area of black trim board to highlight the off-road flavor of the vehicle. Taillights and rear steering lights are designed separately, which makes the vehicle look more hard-core as a whole.

Body: the shape is square, equipped with large-size wheels. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5090 (5113) * 2061*1952mm and the wheelbase is 3000mm. The side of the car body, the whole looks like an obvious hard style, the front and rear surround shows a wide visual effect, and the three side windows are designed with irregular shape, showing the off-road properties of the vehicle.

Interior decoration: the overall style is simple, using large-size suspended central control screen with embedded liquid crystal instrument, with three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. A large number of physical buttons are retained inside, and the sub-instrument console is equipped with an electronic block handle, a mobile phone wireless charging panel and a cup holder, and the car uses a large area of leather package and metal guard plate to further enhance the overall sense of luxury of the vehicle. Functional configuration: equipped with ultra-wide-angle cloud seat, the whole car seat is equipped with ventilation, heating and massage and adjustable wing headrest, the front row is also equipped with independent leg support, the back of the rear seat supports 141 °large angle adjustment and other functions. In addition, it is also equipped with a 16-speaker Harman Catton luxury sound system.

In terms of power: the tank 700Hi4-T is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 3.0T V6 engine and P2 motor, the maximum engine power 265kW, comprehensive power up to 385kW, comprehensive torque up to 800Nm, matching 9-gear hybrid special gearbox. It also provides multi-mode all-terrain systems, including standard, economic, sports, snow, mud, sand, rock, wading, 4H, 4L, automatic, expert mode. In terms of battery life, the tank 700Hi4-T is equipped with 37.1kWh 's ternary lithium-ion battery pack, which can reach 100km for pure electric range.

In terms of competitive products, the new car will be launched on the market, such as Leopard 8, Dongfeng Mengshi 917 and other models. For reference, the price of the new warrior 917 is 63.77-697700 yuan.

Relevant data show that Tank 700is the fourth model launched by the tank brand after Tank 300,500 and Tank 400. the positioning of the medium and large SUV will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show as early as April 2021. According to the official plan, the following models such as the tank 800 will be launched, and the future products will cover the compact, medium-and large-scale and full-size "high-end cross-country SUV" market. Tank brand, as a high-end off-road brand of Great Wall Motor, has the largest growth in sales. Official figures show that total sales in 2023 totaled 162500 vehicles, up 31.21 percent from a year earlier.

At present, tank brands are selling tank 300, tank 400, tank 500, tank 700, of which tank 300 is the main selling model, tank 700 and tank 400 are just launched new cars, sales are not very eye-catching. According to the data, the cumulative sales of tanks in 2023 are 107700 and 43600. This time, from the price point of view, the pre-sale price of the basic version of the tank 400Hi4-T still has a great price advantage, and it remains to be seen whether it can become a new sales growth model of the tank brand.

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