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Che Hai tactics! The declaration picture of BYD Seal 06 / Qin L has been exposed.

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In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration catalogue, "Automotive Industry concern" has obtained a new BYD plug-in model, which may be named "Seal 06 DM-i" according to the vehicle nameplate, and will be sold in the future, equipped with a 1.5-liter engine and motor plug-in system.

In terms of appearance, Seal 06 DM-i is built with the family-style marine aesthetic design concept of Ocean net. The overall design is in line with the previously unveiled Sea Lion 07 EV and Song PLUS DM-i, with long and narrow headlights and intake grille in front of the vehicle. Body side, Seal 06 DM-i side shape is simple, equipped with semi-hidden door handle, rims according to different models will provide 16, 17, 18 inch three specifications. The overall style of the rear is similar to that of the seals currently on sale, but the taillight design is more concise, and diffuser design is added to the rear enclosure.

In terms of size, the car length, width and height are 4830/1875/1495mm, wheelbase is 2790mm, the data is significantly smaller than the current sale of Seal DM-i, the positioning of this model or less than Seal DM-i, positioning A+ class sedan. As a reference, the length, width and height of seal DM-i are 4980/1890/1495mm and wheelbase 2900mm, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that Qin L, a brand new model of BYD Dynasty Network, also completed the declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the same day. In terms of appearance, the front shape of Qin L is similar to that of Qin PLUS DM-i, equipped with large-size medium mesh, internal trim of different lengths, combined with diversion grooves on both sides to enhance the sense of movement of the vehicle. In addition, Qin L adopts a newly designed headlamp group, and the trim connecting the lamp group draws lessons from the flattening design of Song L, making the overall style younger and ferocious.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm, the wheelbase is 2790mm, and the overall size is larger than Qin PLUS. For comparison, the PLUS model sold in cash has a body size of 4765/1837/1495mm and a wheelbase of 2718mm. It is worth mentioning that the overall body size of Qin L is the same as that of Seal 06 DM-i and can be regarded as a sister model.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5L engine and a motor, of which the maximum power of the engine is 74 kilowatts, and the new car is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries from Fudi, Zhengzhou. the two models launched earlier are expected to have a range of 60 km / 90 km respectively.

On February 1, BYD announced its first monthly sales report in 2024. Data show that BYD sold 201500 cars in the first month of the year, up 33.14% from a year earlier. Among them, 105300 pure electric models were sold and 95700 plug-in hybrids were sold.

At present, BYD has launched four major brands, including BYD, Teng Teng, equation Leopard and look up, among which the BYD brand is responsible for BYD cars, with January sales of 185100 vehicles, accounting for 91.9% of BYD's total car sales. As a share of BYD's car sales, the BYD brand will launch a number of new cars in 2024, including Qin L and Yuan UP, and Haishi 07 and Seal 06 DM-i models. A few days ago, the official chart of Yuan UP released that the new car is expected to go on sale in March. The car can be regarded as a replacement of Yuan Pro, and its overall price may be comparable to that of Yuan Pro.

It is understood that BYD's expected sales target in 2024 is 4.5 million vehicles, an increase of 1.5 million vehicles over 2023, which is equivalent to the one-year sales level of mainstream automakers. According to the results of 201500 vehicles in January, its average monthly sales need to reach about 400000 vehicles. This is not a small number, equivalent to the total sales of North and South Volkswagen, while Geely Holdings's target is more conservative, with a sales target of 1.9 million vehicles. The target growth rate is only 12.6%.

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