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Sell from 268800! The new Lexus UX goes on sale in 300h

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On February 8th, the new Lexus UX 300h officially went on sale. The new car has launched a total of four models with a price range of 26.88 yuan to 339800 yuan. In terms of appearance, the change of the new car is not obvious, the main change is the upgrade of the interior, the power is replaced with the fifth generation THS hybrid system, fuel consumption has been reduced.

Specifically, the front face of the new car is still designed with a classic family-shaped spindle-shaped intake grille, with sharp and slender headlights on both sides. The side and rear parts of the car do not change much, the side shape is relatively low, and continues to be equipped with 18-inch double five-spoke gray rims. In the rear part, the new car adopts through-type taillight design, which is full of movement around the rear, and is equipped with roof spoiler. In addition, the new UX 300h F SPORT features a more stylish sports design, including 18-inch F SPORT exclusive wheels, exclusive mesh grille, two-color body, appearance logo, smoked trim and luggage rack, making the visual effect more stylish and sporty. In terms of size, the new Lexus UX 300h has a length, width and height of 4495 (4494) / 1840/1540mm and a wheelbase of 2640mm.

The interior part is the place where the new car changes most obviously. the new car optimizes the layout of the central control area and the window control area in order to improve the texture, and uses the electronic shift to replace the original mechanical shift system. In addition, the F SPORT model is equipped with exclusive sports seat, steering wheel, manual shift pick, sports aluminum acceleration, brake pedal and foot rest board, the dashboard is upgraded to 12.3in full liquid crystal meter, and the built-in car system supports functions such as Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife mobile phone interconnection.

In terms of power, the new car is the first Lexus model with a fifth-generation THS hybrid system, a 2.0L in-line four-cylinder gasoline engine and a high-power motor that matches the planetary gear continuously variable transmission system. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 112kW, compared with the old model, the maximum torque is 188 N ·m, and the maximum torque is 188 N ·m; the comprehensive power of the system is 146kW, which adds 11kW compared to the old model, and matches the E-CVT gearbox.

Lexus is a luxury brand of Toyota Group, founded in 1983, Lexus UX 300h is a compact SUV, launched in January 2019. The car is based on TNGA architecture and is equipped with 2.0L and 2.0L hybrid power. a total of six models have been launched with a price range of 26.78-337800 yuan. In terms of power, the new UX 200is equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated engine + Direct Shift-CVT transmission, maximum power 127kW (173PS) and maximum torque 207N ·m; the new UX 260h model is equipped with intelligent hybrid system, matching electronic continuously variable transmission system ECVT, integrated power 135kW (184PS). The new UX 260h F SPORT all-wheel drive version is equipped with all-wheel drive system and AVS suspension.

To sum up, as models introduced into the Chinese market in the form of imports, the main competitors of the new Lexus UX 300h include luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz GLAs, Audi Q3 and Lincoln adventurers.

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