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It is rumored that the final prize of a new force in car building will be cancelled in 2023.

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Recently, a number of netizens revealed in the pulse that Gaohe Automobile announced the cancellation of last year's year-end bonus at the all-staff meeting, and the salary of employees in January was postponed until the end of February. The follow-up officials said that they would take corresponding self-help measures such as layoffs to deal with it. In addition, there are pulse certification for high-end car employees to confirm the news, said: this statement is by far the most comprehensive information.

This also triggered a lot of discussion among netizens. Some netizens commented that if a company really has no money, it will only get less and less money later, with few exceptions. Some netizens said: Gao and car this ending has long been expected. As of press time, Gaohe Automobile has not responded to the news.

In fact, since last year, there has been an endless stream of news about layoffs, stoppages, shipments and store withdrawals. In October last year, there was news on the market that Gaohe Automobile started large-scale layoffs, with layoffs as high as 20%, and layoffs in individual departments up to 50%. At that time, in response to layoffs, Gaohe Automobile responded that large-scale layoffs were false information, and this time it belonged to normal personnel flow.

At the beginning of January this year, Gaohe Automobile was once again rumored to have stopped shipping, stopped new project development, did not deliver vehicles and so on. Subsequently, Gaohe Automobile issued a statement in response saying that the company's operation is normal, and R & D, production, marketing, delivery and other work are progressing normally. The original platform has deleted relevant posts and warned the posting members. The wrong interpretation of relevant information has caused serious damage to the brand reputation of Gaohe Automobile and misled the public opinion. The company has reported the case to the public security department. Please do not believe the rumor.

It is worth noting that shortly after the official rumor. There is also news that Gaohe Automobile has withdrawn stores in Chengdu and Guangzhou shopping malls. According to the mall withdrawal announcement sent out by the network, it can be seen that both shopping malls said that Gaohe Automobile was temporarily informed that due to internal reasons of the brand, it has been unable to continue to operate in this mall. At the same time, the mall pointed out in the announcement that Gaohe Automobile Store failed to fulfill its obligations according to the terms of the lease contract, the lease contract has not expired, we have not been informed in advance according to the agreement, and both parties have not reached an agreement through consultation, unilaterally close the store, Yan Jia damages the legitimate rights and interests of the mall and consumers, the mall will continue to make efforts to communicate with it, and take measures including but not limited to reporting to relevant administrative departments to the court, etc., resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the mall and consumers.

Subsequently, the official response to the news of Guangzhou shopping mall withdrawal said: due to brand strategy adjustment, Gaohe Brand Center located in Guangzhou Gaode Land Winter Square closed and relocated, and the new site is located in Gaohe User Center of Guangzhou Science City. Although officials have responded to such news, there are indications that the current situation of Gaohe Automobile is not ideal. After all, in terms of sales volume, Gaohe Automobile has not had a strong presence in the market in recent years. Without the support of sales volume, the capital chain must be insufficient.

At present, there are three models of Gaohe HiPhi X, Gaohe HiPhi Y and Gaohe HiPhi Z on sale. However, due to the high price and low popularity of Gaohe electric vehicles, the market sales volume of Gaohe Automobile has not been ideal. The data shows that the cumulative sales volume of Gaohe in 2022 is 4520, and the cumulative sales volume from January to November 2023 is 4265.

As we all know, building a car requires a lot of capital investment, in the sales volume of the background, loss is also normal. Earlier, it was reported that Gaohe Automobile would hold hands with local tyrants in the Middle East and would receive at least US $250 million in investment. In addition, according to people familiar with the matter, Chinese Express hopes to raise up to $1 billion from private investors to accelerate development. If the investment agreement is reached, PIF may buy a stake in Chinese Express at a valuation of $3 billion.

At present, there is no latest news about this investment. However, some people familiar with the matter disclosed to the media that the capital injection of local tyrants in the Middle East was false. It is not known whether the funds will eventually be successfully received, but at this stage, there may be a lot of variability in the funds. At present, the competition in the new energy automobile market has become more and more fierce, and a new round of knockout competition has started. If Gaohe Automobile cannot quickly increase sales and obtain external funds, perhaps Gaohe Automobile will not have much time.

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