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A major personnel adjustment! A sales company changed its name

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On February 6, SAIC GM Wuling announced the establishment of SAIC GM Wuling Product Marketing Center and the announcement of the appointment of managers, and the decision of the sales company to change its name to Product Marketing Center was announced at the meeting.

In response to the reason why the sales company changed its name to the product marketing center, Xue Haitao, deputy general manager of the company, said that the era of electric intelligence in the automotive industry has arrived, and it is in the midst of a great change in the replacement of the old and the new and the reshaping of the brand pattern, which needs to be innovated.

In addition to renaming, the appointment of General Manager, Senior Director and Director of the Product Marketing Center was also announced in terms of personnel changes. At this meeting, Han Dehong, deputy secretary of the party committee of the company, announced the appointment of the management team of the product marketing center on behalf of the company: Mr. Zhao Yifan is the general manager of the product marketing center, Mr. Zhou Yan is the deputy general manager of the product marketing center, and Mr. Xu Bing is the deputy general manager of the e-product marketing center (South China Group Army) and the general manager of the theater (southwest). Mr. Wang Weisen is the Deputy General Manager of the Product Marketing Center (East China Group Army) and also the General Manager of the Theater (East China), Mr. Wang Bo is the General Manager of the Theater (Northwest), Mr. Wang Junjun is the General Manager of the Theater (North China), Mr. Liao Jianxiang is the General Manager of the Theater (Central Plains), and Mr. Wang Maosu is the General Manager of the Theater (South China).

It is worth mentioning that on January 19, SAIC GM Wuling has carried out a personnel adjustment. According to official sources at that time, a letter from SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. on adjusting the selection of general manager and members of the executive committee showed that after discussion by the party committee of Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., the president agreed: Shenyang will no longer hold the post of general manager of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., recommending Lu Jun to become the general manager of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. Lian Chaochun is no longer a member of the executive committee of SAIC GM Wuling Motor Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xue Haitao is a member of the executive committee of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd.

It should be noted that Shenyang is so far the only general manager of SAIC GM Wuling, serving in SAIC GM Wuling for more than 20 years.

It is understood that SAIC GM Wuling is a large-scale Sino-Chinese and foreign joint venture automobile company jointly established by SAIC, General Motors (China) and Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, formerly known as Liuzhou Automobile Power Machinery Plant established in 1958. In the early days, SAIC GM Wuling rose in the mini-car market and surpassed Changan Automobile in 2006 with sales of 450000 vehicles. Wuling Hongguang also created a sales myth. However, under the influence of policy guidance, the market situation of micro-car has not been as expected since 2011. In order to break the market, SAIC GM Wuling began to upgrade its brand in 2010, and the Baojun brand came into being. In order to distinguish Baojun from Wuling, Baojun's models basically surpass the positioning of minicars and reach the level of small cars and compact cars, including Baojun 730, Baojun 510 and Baojun 310. It was also from this year that SAIC GM Wuling, relying on the two major brands Wuling and Baojun, achieved the goal of selling millions of vehicles a year for many years in a row, and immediately became a star car company in the domestic joint venture car enterprises.

However, under the influence of multiple turbulent backgrounds such as the cold winter of the car market, the global epidemic and the Black Swan incident, Baojun sales have plummeted. Since then, SAIC GM Wuling will focus on the Wuling brand, Wuling Silver Standard came into being, Capgemini, Star, Jiachen and Xingchi and other models have been listed. After the release of the Wuling Silver Standard, SAIC GM Wuling returned to its old business, targeting the minicar market. In July 2020, SAIC GM Wuling launched the Hongguang MINIEV mini electric vehicle, which once became a "popular style" in the A00 market because of its low price and scarce models in the car market, and occupied the only share in the market segment, becoming the "magic car" of SAIC GM Wuling.

There is no denying that the Hongguang MINIEV launched by SAIC GM Wuling is indeed a success. However, under the background of more and more homogenized models in the car market, Hongguang MINIEV is also difficult to make a breakthrough in its previous achievements.

In March 2023, Wuling colorful fruit went on sale, which is the first "large space five-door pure tram" under SAIC GM Wuling. Compared with Hongguang MINIEV, Wuling colorful fruit focuses on high-end, intended to make up for the market gap between 5-100000 yuan, and become the key to undertake Wuling new energy series brand upward.

SAIC GM Wuling sold 1.4031 million vehicles in 2023, including 500200 passenger vehicles and 639700 commercial vehicles, according to official figures. Subdivided into major models, Hongguang MINIEV is 237900 and Wuling colorful fruit is 231100, becoming another popular style "magic car" after SAIC GM's "Hongguang MinIEV". Wuling colorful fruit has sold more than 30, 000 vehicles for two months in a row, bringing its cumulative sales to 231100, which is basically on a par with Hongguang MINIEV, officials said.

As for what kind of innovation SAIC GM Wuling will have after this personnel change, let's wait and see.

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