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Reduce the price! A hot-selling model was complained by users.

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According to the complaint information of the car quality network, since February 1, Xiaopeng G6 has received a large number of complaints, with more than 30 complaint messages, and the number of complaints has ranked second on the list of complaints in the past seven days. Most of the models complained about are 2023 Xiaopeng G6580long-range Pro, 580long-range Max, 2023 super-long-range Pro and so on. Most of the complaints are: Xiaopeng G6 price reduction in a short period of time, Xiaopeng G6 car lift less than a month manufacturers substantially reduced prices, and so on.

A car owner posted that he picked up Xiaopeng G6580MAX on January 2 this year, when he was watching the car, test driving and setting it down, the salesperson and 4S store manager made it clear to him that the preferential policy of 10, 000 yuan in December would be withdrawn in January, and there would be no such preferential policy in the future, but in mid-January, Xiaopeng officially announced a price reduction of 20, 000 yuan. Another car owner posted a post saying: when he picked up the car on January 9, 2024, there was a cash discount of 10,000 yuan for the car booking, which dropped sharply by 10,000 in less than a month, hoping that the manufacturer would give some subsidy.

In response to the complaints from car owners, Xiaopeng officials also responded at the bottom of the owner's post: this is mainly a time-limited event for Xiaopeng to give back to customers during the Spring Festival. At the same time, officials pointed out that in the automobile industry, recently, a number of rival car companies have also made Spring Festival activities. Xiaopeng Automobile, like the industry, is mainly a time-limited event of Spring Festival benefits that Xiaopeng gives back to customers; for the subsidies and other issues raised by car owners, it said that there was no compensation plan for the time being.

Relevant data show that the Xiaopeng G6 is the fifth mass-produced model of Xiaopeng, on June 29 last year. The new car positioning medium-sized pure electric SUV, a total of 5 models, the price range is 20.99-276900 yuan. As soon as Xiaopeng G6 went on the market, it was favored by the market and successfully reversed the decline of Xiaopeng car sales. The figures show that Xiaopeng G6 sold 7673 vehicles in December, compared with 44545 last year.

It is worth noting that since December last year, as a number of car companies have launched discount activities, Xiaopeng Motor has also launched a special promotion for the Xiaopeng G6, with a price reduction of 10, 000 yuan and a time-limited price range of 19.99 yuan to 266900 yuan. At the same time, for consumers who order 700Compact 755 models, they can enjoy an optional fund of up to 5000 yuan and a 50% discount on 20-inch sports wheels.

And Xiaopeng car not only reduced the price of Xiaopeng G6, but also greatly reduced the price of Xiaopeng P7 and Xiaopeng G9. Among them, Xiaopeng P7i models have a maximum discount of 26000 yuan, while the Max version models start at 224900 yuan. Xiaopeng G9 can enjoy a year-end discount of up to 19000 yuan. Or thanks to the price cut in December, Xiaopeng's sales rose sharply in December, exceeding 20, 000 to 20115 units, up 78 per cent from a year earlier.

In January, Xiaopeng officially launched another preferential promotion for Xiaopeng P7i, including a limited time discount of 15000 yuan for the purchase of Xiaopeng P7i entry version, and a price of 208900 yuan after the discount. If you buy the P7i Pengyi performance version, you can enjoy a time-limited subsidy of 50, 000 yuan, and the price is as low as 289900 yuan after the discount. In February, officials launched a huge Spring Festival event for Xiaopeng G6, with a cash discount of 20, 000 yuan, down to 189900.

In fact, price cuts and promotions by car companies have become a frequent occurrence in the auto industry since last year. Judging from the current automobile market environment, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the price war is the inevitable outcome of the development of the market. It is true that car companies can bring sales growth in the short term by offering discounts, but in order to maintain high-quality growth in the fiercely competitive car market, they ultimately have to fight a value war.

Of course, for users, just bought a car price reduction, there will be some unacceptable. In this regard, some professionals pointed out that the rise and fall of vehicle prices is a normal market behavior. After all, the rise and fall of vehicle prices are related to many factors, such as supply and demand, cost changes, and so on. It is suggested that when buying large items, consumers can do more rational analysis and abide by the spirit of market contract.

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