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It's a masterpiece! Production of the classic MINI model is discontinued

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According to reports, the MINI brand has announced that the last MINI CLUBMAN has been released from the factory in Oxford, England, which means that the MINI CLUBMAN model will officially stop production, there will be no replacement and there will be no successor models. In short, the MINI model with the opposite door is over and is history.

On the launch of MINI CLUBMAN, Stefanie Wurst, senior vice president of the MINI brand, said that CLUBMAN would no longer be included in the future model portfolio of the MINI brand. In fact, as early as September 2023, Wu Szhuo confirmed in an interview with the media that MINI CLUBMAN will soon stop production and there is no direct replacement.

In 1959, the MINI brand was born, and ten years later, the MINI CLUBMAN was born and became the most MINI model in the MINI. With the design of six doors, five seats and opposite rear doors, the car made the car more convenient. It is understood that the first generation of MINI CLUBMAN can be traced back to 1969, but at that time the MINI CLUBMAN was still a series, the basic version of MINI CLUBMAN used the common two-door form, and the MINI CLUBMAN ESTATE model was the final form to prop up the series on its own.

The original MINI CLUBMAN was officially discontinued in 1981 and was later acquired by BMW, when it produced 600000 vehicles, including 197000 Estate models. In 2007, BMW resurrected the CLUBMAN, code-named R55. In addition to the classic opposite rear door, a new opposite door design was added on the right side, and there was no B-pillar design on the right side. Passengers in the back seat need to open the front door on the right before opening the back door.

Since then, the model has developed two generations of products, including a replacement model in 2015. At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the second-generation MINI CLUBMAN, code-named F54, was built on the BMW UKL2 platform, unlike the R55 model, which eliminated the side-facing door design and replaced it with four full-size doors, while the classic opposite rear door was retained and the car had six doors. Compared with previous generations, this generation is larger, making it the largest MINI model in the brand's history, and is officially called the ultimate MINI by MINI.


It is worth mentioning that in March 2023, the MINI brand released the CLUBMAN Final Edition (the Last Gentleman's Memorial Edition), which is limited to 1969 units worldwide. From the literal meaning of the name, it is not difficult to see that the literal translation of Final Edition is the "final version" model, and the number "1969" is actually the year in which MINI CLUBMAN was born, that is to say, the emergence of CLUBMAN Final Edition is actually to commemorate the era when CLUBMAN was born.

MINI CLUBMAN Final Edition version of the model has been listed in China, the domestic price is 336100 yuan. In terms of appearance, the new car basically continues the cash model design style, but has some adjustments in the details, such as the new car adds a lot of gold elements embellishment, black brand LOGO with red S logo, the visual effect is more recognizable. On the side of the body, the new car is blue as the main tone, gold as the embellishment, and the dense spoke-shaped wheels are colored in black gold, which looks quite stylish. At the same time, the new car is also available in white and silver. In addition, the new car also added a golden Final Edition and a "1979" logo to highlight the special identity of the model.

In the interior part, the overall layout of the new car is basically consistent with the current model, the car is mainly black and brown, and the seats are wrapped in gray leather with gray fabric. However, the new car LCD instrument does not use the traditional rectangular style design, but a more personalized oval structure, looks more exquisite. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with COOPER S power class, 2.0T engine, maximum power of 131kW, peak torque of 280Nm, transmission system of 7 speed wet double clutch gearbox, acceleration time of 0.100km / h is 7.2s.

Data show that so far, MINI CLUBMAN has produced more than 1.1 million vehicles, including more than 550000 in the BMW era. It should be noted that although the MINI CLUBMAN is a very important part of the development of MINI, but as a minority model, the market performance of the car in the next few years is not very good, coupled with the promotion of BMW Group electrification strategy, MINI brand transformation is fully electrified, in this context, MINI CLUBMAN production is also expected.

It is understood that the follow-up MINI brand will focus more on MINI, MINI Countryman and MINI Aceman models, MINI CLUBMAN models will not be replaced and there will be no successor models. The product blank of MINI CLUBMAN will be covered by the new MINI Countryman, and the new product MINI Aceman will be positioned under COUNTRYMAN.

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