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The momentum D9 surpasses the Buick GL8!

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According to the data of the Association, the sales volume of MPV market in January 2024 was 67,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 18.9%, and the growth rate was the lowest among the three categories of cars, SUV and MPV.

Specifically, Tengshi D9 became the single-model sales champion with sales of 8030 vehicles, which was almost entirely attributed to DM-i, while sales of pure electric models were almost negligible. It is worth mentioning that Buick GL8, which competed with Tengshi D9 in the past, sold only 4989 vehicles in January, with a gap of 3000 vehicles with Tengshi D90. If GL8's high-end line Buick Century (sales volume of about 1490 vehicles, ranking 18th) is considered, the sales gap between Buick GL8 and Tengshi D9 is not small. In 2023, Buick GL8 sales were also overtaken by Tengshi D9, with 110908 units sold throughout the year, compared with 118595 Buick GL8 units.

Toyota Sana ranked second with 6976 cars, nearly a thousand cars behind Tengshi D9. Toyota Sena and Grevia became invisible champions in the market segment. As sister models of FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota, they sold 12344 vehicles in total, of which Toyota Sena sold 6976 vehicles and Grevia sold 5368 vehicles.

Other autonomous MPVs also performed exceptionally well. Chuanqi M8 and M6 ranked in the top 10 with sales of 5470 and 4606 vehicles respectively. Among them, the higher-priced Chuanqi M8 offered pure fuel vehicles and oil-electric hybrid models, ranking third, while Chuanqi M6 was a pure fuel model, ranking sixth. In addition, the newly launched Trumpchi E8 PHEV sold 3470 units, also in the top ten.

In addition, Wuling Jiachen and Honda Alishen ranked in the top ten, with sales of 4405 and 3912 respectively. These models mainly rely on traditional hybrid and fuel versions, maintaining stable sales in the market. As Alishen's sister model, Odyssey sold 2316 vehicles, with a cumulative sales volume of 6228 vehicles for the two models, and the total sales volume was even inferior to Toyota's model.

Competition in the pure electric MPV market is intensifying. Although there are no pure electric MPV models in the top ten sales. The Xiaopeng X9, which went on sale in January, delivered 2478 vehicles, ranking 11th on the list. The delivery volume of Polar Krypton 009 dropped sharply in January, ranking 10 places lower than December 2023, delivering only 704 vehicles. Compared with fuel vehicles, pure electric MPV is still plagued by mileage anxiety caused by long-distance travel scenarios, but with the increase of battery capacity and the popularization of high-voltage charging and infrastructure, pure electric MPV is expected to further expand its influence after the year.

After entering 2024, the competition in MPV market will intensify. Although new energy MPV occupies a place in the market, traditional fuel and hybrid models still dominate the market to a large extent. Although new energy MPVs are gradually expanding their market share, traditional fuel and hybrid models still have strong market appeal. In the future, the development of this market is expected to continue to show a diversified trend, especially with the addition of more new models and technological developments.

Market competition intensifies, each model is looking for its own positioning, Buick GL8, Toyota Sana and other traditional MPV or traditional fuel vehicle consumption; Tengshi D9, Extreme Krypton 009 accumulate user reputation with sales volume; Xiaopeng X9, Wei brand high mountain price sincere enough, trying to seize the wallet of ordinary families; In the future, automobile companies will face the challenge of finding a balance between new energy and traditional power technology, and consumers 'choices will largely determine the development trend of MPV market.

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