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More than five senior executives change! It is difficult to be a senior executive of Great Wall Motor.

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It's hard to be a senior executive at Great Wall. According to Automotive Industry focus, a total of five executives left Great Wall in 2023, including Wang Fengying, Guo Tiefu, Wen Fei, Li Xiaorui and Chen Siying.

On January 30, 2023, Xiaopeng Automobile official announced that Wang Fengying officially joined Xiaopeng Motor as president. The official announcement of this news is sensational. Wang Fengying, a veteran of Great Wall Motors, joined Great Wall Motor in 1991, responsible for the company's marketing management, and later served as Vice Chairman and General Manager of Great Wall Motors. It can be said that the current market scale of Great Wall Automobile can not be achieved without Wang Fengying's contribution. After joining Xiaopeng Automobile, Wang Fengying is fully responsible for the company's product planning, product matrix and sales system, and promotes anti-corruption action in Xiaopeng Automobile supply chain.

Judging from the final result, Xiaopeng delivered 141601 cars in 2023, an increase of 17.26% over the same period last year. Although the annual sales target of 200000 vehicles was only 70%, it reversed the decline, and the number of new car deliveries exceeded 20, 000 for three consecutive months in October, November and December. Generally speaking, the addition of the "Iron Lady" really saved Xiaopeng Motor.

On the same day that Wang Fengying joined Xiaopeng Motor, Great Wall Motor also announced a personnel change. Chen Siying joined Great Wall Motor as Wei Brand CEO and General Manager of Tank Brand Marketing. It is understood that Chen Siying, who is also a veteran of the traditional automobile industry, joined the Nanjing Fiat Commerce Department as head of the brand promotion department in 2001, and later held important positions in Nanjing Mingjue, SAIC passenger cars, Beijing Automotive, Guanzhi Automobile and other companies. Before joining Great Wall Motor, Chen Siying served as Deputy General Manager of LinkedIn Automobile sales Company, in charge of market public relations. However, he announced his departure after joining Great Wall Motor for only half a year, and later joined Star Ji Meizu Group as a senior vice president and president of the automotive division, responsible for the operation and management of the automotive product line.

In February 2023, Great Wall announced that Guo Tiefu served as General Manager of Great Wall Automobile Public Relations, responsible for Great Wall Automobile brand building and foreign media public relations related work. However, after only three months of joining Great Wall Motor, Guotiefu left. On May 31, Guotiefu resigned as General Manager of Public Relations for personal reasons and joined Geely's brand Radar Motor as Chief Marketing Officer.

In addition, CEO Wenfei, both salon and Euler, which has been promoted many times and is highly valued, left in May 2023 for "physical reasons" and joined Xiaomi but has not been officially confirmed. Li Xiaorui, former general manager of Harvard brand, joined Xiaomi at the end of 2023. After his departure, Mu Feng, president of Great Wall Motor, took over as general manager of Harvard brand, responsible for overall management of Harvard brand.

After entering 2024, the personnel adjustment of Great Wall Motor is still going on. Among them. Qiao Xinyu, executive vice president of Harvard marketing, has been revealed to have resigned, and the relevant Weibo certification has disappeared and has not been updated on Weibo for a month. It is understood that before joining Great Wall Motor, Qiao Xinyu worked in Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen successively. In September 2018, he joined Great Wall Motor as Wei Brand CMO, Deputy General Manager and Director of Product Planning, and then transferred to Harvard Brand as Executive Vice President of Harvard Marketing, responsible for co-ordinating Harvard brand strategy and product planning, product and brand communication, sales management, service experience, etc. In 2023, the Harvard brand launched a number of new cars, including Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX, Harvard Raptor, the new Harvard H5 and so on.

In addition, in early 2024, Wang Fengying led a new round of organizational restructuring within Xiaopeng Automobile, involving marketing, human resources, manufacturing, product planning and other departments. Among them, there are two old partners of Wang Fengying in the new management. Zhang Li, the new head of automobile production and manufacturing in Xiaopeng, is the husband of Wang Fengying, who has the experience of producing 1 million products a year at Great Wall.

The change at the top of Great Wall is just one of the surface manifestations of the change in the established autonomous car factory.

In 2023, Great Wall Motor Wholesale sales totaled 1.2307 million vehicles, an increase of 15.29% over the same period last year. Although it achieved double-digit year-on-year growth, Great Wall clearly failed to meet its annual sales target of 1.6 million vehicles, with a completion rate of just 77 per cent.

At present, Great Wall has five major car brands, among which the passenger car market includes Harvard, tank, Euler and Wei Brand. According to the data released by Great Wall, Harvard is not only the sales pillar of Great Wall, but also the weather vane of its sales trend, accounting for more than half of its overall sales, with year-on-year sales growth of 16.00% and tank brand growth of 31.21%. It is the biggest increase in the Great Wall brand.

The camp of iron, the soldier of running water. Frequent high-level personnel changes make Great Wall's marketing strategy and product positioning "even worse". With regard to the challenging market competition environment in 2024, Great Wall believes that price war will become the norm in the industry, which will encourage companies to make more efforts in technology upgrading and cost control.

Great Wall Motor said that it will continue to adhere to the long-term sustainable development strategy, with some products pursuing profit contribution and paying more attention to technology leadership in new energy and intelligent markets. To this end, the company will increase marketing investment in brand building and vehicle innovation, and continue to strengthen investment in electrified and intelligent technology research and development to ensure that products remain competitive in the market competition, and then timely adjust the strategy until the market situation is clear.

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