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The battery life of BYD's million-class car has been exposed.

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Recently, BYD looked up to the U7 model life information, in the latest batch of "vehicle purchase tax reduction of new energy vehicle model catalogue" exposed.

According to the catalogue, U7 will offer two models, of which the QCJ7000BTBEV2 model CLTC has a range of 720km Magi QCJ7000BTBEV1, the CLTC range 800km, and both models are equipped with 135.5kWh power batteries.

It is worth noting that BYD looked up to the U7 earlier in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new declaration information, the new car positioning D-class pure electric sedan. In terms of appearance, the front face is designed with a closed grille with irregular lower grille. The front encircling position adopts the through-type heat sink design combined with a number of raised ribs on the vehicle cover, which greatly improves the visual impact effect of the vehicle. The two sides are equipped with "C"-shaped headlamps, which are highly recognizable after lighting. The rear of the vehicle is designed for duck tail, with through taillight design, which enhances the hierarchical sense of the rear.

The side of the body is a slippery-back coupe, with multiple broken-line waistlines to make the vehicle look more smooth and slender. The decoration of the front wing of the vehicle extends to the front door, showing a sense of thickness in line with the rising waistline. Equipped with large petal wheels, the wheels are also equipped with punched brakes and multi-piston calipers to make the vehicle look sporty. In addition, the new car is also equipped with frameless doors and hidden door handles to enhance the vehicle's sense of science and technology.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5265/1998/1517mm and the wheelbase is 3160mm.

In terms of interior decoration, referring to the pictures exposed on the Internet earlier, we can see that looking up at the interior of U7 is roughly the same as looking up at U8, with a V-shaped layout of the center console. Equipped with large curved central control screen, embedded LCD instrument and co-driver entertainment screen, physical buttons are cancelled, making the vehicle look more concise.

In terms of power, the U7 will adopt "easy Sifang" four-motor technology, with the maximum power of each drive motor 240kW, with a comprehensive power of 960kW. In terms of function, it is equipped with Yunyi-X, which supports three-wheel driving, take-off in place, U-turn in place and other functions.

Data show: look up is a new high-end new energy brand launched by BYD in November last year. At present, there are two models under the brand: U8 and U9. Among them, look up to U8 positioning millions of new energy off-road vehicles, launched in September last year, the price is 1.098 million yuan. Look up to the U9 positioning million pure electric performance supercar, which will be available on the 25th of this month. The price of the U7 has not yet been officially announced, but according to earlier official propaganda that the U7 is a "million new energy flagship car", the price of the U7 may reach a million yuan.

The launch time has not been officially announced, but recently, looking up at the U7 declaration chart and road test pictures have been exposed on the Internet, which may also mean that a new car is coming. The figures show that the brand sold a total of 1593 vehicles last year and 1652 in January this year. With the launch of the U9 model and the layout of the U7, the follow-up sales of the brand will be further improved.

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