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Ideal car officially releases L6 preview chart

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Today, the ideal car officially released a trailer picture of the ideal L6 model, with the article saying it is a mysterious new member of the ideal car. It is understood that the ideal L6 declaration information has been exposed on the Internet earlier, the new car positioning medium-sized five-seater SUV, will be listed in April this year.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues to adopt a family-style design style, similar to the ideal L7 style. The front face is designed with a closed middle net, and the upper side of the grille is modeled by a split headlamp group, which is combined with the engine heat sink at the position surrounded by the front of the vehicle, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle. The overall visual effect of the front looks more compact than that of the L7. The fumigated panel at the bottom of the bumper is combined with the sunken headlights on both sides to enhance the hierarchical sense of the vehicle. In the rear position, the through-type LED taillight design echoes with the front of the car, highlighting the movement breath of the vehicle.

In terms of body, the overall vehicle looks more square, using simple body lines as decoration, making the vehicle look more slender from the side. In terms of size, the ideal L6 is 4925/1960/1735mm in length, width and height, and 2920mm in wheelbase. Compared with the ideal L7, the ideal L6 is smaller in size. Refer to the ideal L7 size, its length, width and height are 5050/1995/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 3005mm.

In terms of interior decoration, it is expected that the layout of the ideal L6 center console is consistent with that of the ideal L7, with a simple design style and a suspended double screen. In terms of power, the ideal L6 will be equipped with a 1.5T extender + dual-motor four-wheel drive hybrid system, in which the 1.5T four-cylinder extender has the maximum power of 113kW, equipped with 35.8kWh battery pack and pure electric mileage 172km.

In terms of price, referring to the product roadmap released by the official earlier, the ideal price of the L6 is less than 300000 yuan. In addition, ideal Automobile President Zou Liangjun also revealed in an interview earlier that the new car, priced at 20-300000 yuan, will go on sale in April this year and will challenge the monthly sales target of 30, 000 vehicles.

At present, ideal cars are on sale in L7, L8 and L9 models. Among them, L7 positioning medium and large SUV, a total of three configuration models, the price range is 319800-379800 yuan. L8 is positioned as a medium and large SUV and is an ideal ONE replacement model with a price range of 35.98-399800 yuan. The ideal L9 locates a large SUV with a price of 459800 yuan. In addition to the above three models on sale, ideal's first MPV model, MEGA, was unveiled at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show and opened a blind booking, which is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan. According to official sources, the ideal MEGA has booked more than 10, 000 cars in an hour and 42 minutes, and the new car will be officially released on March 1.

From the perspective of ideal cars, the pricing of the ideal L6 has fallen into the price range of 20 to 300000, which may also mean that it will bear the burden of ideal sales. According to the plan, ideal car sales target for this year is 800000, as a reference, ideal car sales in January is 31165. To achieve the target of 800000, it would take nearly 70, 000 vehicles a month to meet the requirements. If the ideal January sales point of view, it is still far from enough.

However, according to the official disclosure earlier, in addition to the ideal MEGA, the ideal L6 will be launched in the near future, and two pure electric models will also be released in the second half of this year. With the layout of more and more models, the sales of ideal cars will further increase. Finally, it remains to be seen whether we can meet this year's sales target on time.

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