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More official pictures of ideal MEGA are released!

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On February 18th, ideal Automobile officially released the official picture of the ideal MEGA elephant gray and white body. Officials say the new car will be officially released on March 1 and will be delivered as soon as it is released, and is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan.

Ideal MEGA is the fourth model of ideal Motors and the first MPV model. Coupled with the previous official release of silver body pictures, so far, ideal Auto has officially released three MEGA body colors.

The ideal MEGA made its debut during the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show and attracted great attention in the industry because its design was highly similar to that of "high-speed rail". In terms of appearance, the new car uses a bullet style similar to that of high-speed rail, with a round arc extending from the front to the rear and equipped with a large raised windshield, which looks like a harmonious train. The front face is designed with the popular closed daylight, and the lower part is surrounded by a segmented structure, or is equipped with active grille function. On the side of the body, the lines of the new car are also very smooth, and the roof lines transition smoothly from the B-pillar position to the rear. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with slender through taillights, the upper spoiler is integrated with the lines of the rear window, and the LOGO is also integrated on the rear window for high recognition.

In terms of size, the ideal MEGA length, width and height are 5350/1965/1850mm and the wheelbase is 3300mm. On the interior seat layout, the new car will be designed with three rows of seven seats (2x 2m 3). In terms of power, the new car will be built on the 800V platform, with peak motor power 400kW, peak torque 542Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration of only 5.5s, equipped with Ningde 5C Kirin battery, energy density up to 170Wh/kg, and equipped with 12-minute recharge 500km level.

Previously, the official data of ideal car showed that the ideal MEGA booked more than 10, 000 cars in 1 hour and 42 minutes. As for whether the new car will become a popular model after it comes on the market, let's wait and see.

At present, ideal car models on sale include ideal L9 with 40-500000 yuan, ideal L8 with 30-400000 yuan and ideal L7 with 30-400000 yuan. All three models are hot-selling products. Taking the retail sales in 2023 as an example, the ideal L7, ideal L8 and ideal L9 sales are 134100, 118000 and 114400 respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the car market in 2024 is different from that in 2023. He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, said in a start letter to all employees that this year is the first year for Chinese car brands to enter the "sea of blood" competition, that is, the first year of the knockout stage. In addition, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue also said in the start letter that 2024 will be a "most volumetric" year for volume prices, volume products, volume services and volume flow.

As for the ideal car, in addition to the competitive pressure of the car market, the ideal car will also face strong competitors after entering 2024. Data show that in January 2024, ideal delivered 31165 new cars, an increase of 105.83% over the same period last year and a month-on-month decline of 38.11%. For comparison, the company delivered 32973 new cars, an increase of 636.83% over the same period last year and 34.76% month-on-month growth, becoming the monthly sales champion of new power brands in the Chinese market for the first time. In other words, the sales status of ideal cars has been taken away.

According to the plan, ideal car will challenge the annual delivery of 800000 vehicles this year, achieving the goal of top sales of luxury car brands in the Chinese market. In terms of products, in addition to the ideal MEGA, the ideal car official said that this year will be an unprecedented product year for the ideal car, with 4 extended-range models and 4 pure electric models, and 8 highly competitive product combinations to meet the needs of home users. Among them, the ideal new SUV-- ideal L6 declaration map and part of the official map have been announced that the appearance and shape of the new car is consistent with the current ideal car, and the power will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by Ningde era, and will be equipped with a 1.5L engine produced by Sichuan ideal Xinchen Technology Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 113kW. According to the plan, the new car will be available in April this year.

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