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Gaohe Automobile was dispatched to disperse more than 100 outsourced employees.

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The incident continues to ferment these two days after the first day of construction of Gaohe Automobile Festival was reported to have stopped production for six months.

Yesterday, there were media reports that a third-party labor company suddenly laid off more than 100 outsourced employees who had been dispatched to the Gaohe automobile factory. At the same time, the report also revealed that the compensation scheme for Gaohe outsourced employees is that the average monthly salary is multiplied by N times (N is the number of years of service), of which those less than half a year are made up to half a year, and those with more than half a year are counted as the whole year. With regard to these outsourced personnel, a regular employee of Gaohe Automobile Yancheng factory revealed to the media that the more than 100 outsourced employees who were laid off this time belonged to, who was mainly responsible for logistics-related work, and paid the salary and compensation. At present, none of the regular employees of the Yancheng factory have received compensation, and Gaohe Automobile has not issued a formal notice.

At the same time, it is also reported that in the past two days, many media, suppliers and Gaohe employees are waiting at the gate of the Chinese Express Center on Wanfang Road, Minhang, Shanghai. In addition, screenshots of the suspension notice that Gaohe was suspected to have issued the day before construction were also exposed on the Internet. According to the screenshot, all Gaohe cars have entered the shutdown phase since February 18, and the time has yet to be determined for six months, and the factory is not allowed to enter. In terms of wages, the January salary will be paid at the end of February and the salary from January to February 18 will be paid at a time to be determined. February 18 to March 18 is the basic salary, 70% of the employee's salary is the basic living expenses after March 18, which is paid according to the regional minimum guarantee.

Judging from the information in this screenshot, it is very consistent with the news exposed two days ago, or it also reflects the authenticity of the news about the shutdown of high-tech cars from the side. Although, so far, officials have not made a formal response to the news of the shutdown. But the news about high-tech cars on the market has hardly stopped. A supplier revealed to the media: Gaohe has been in arrears for a year. There are media reports that: to visit the Gaohe Yancheng factory, the factory warehouse doors are all closed, production has been stopped.

It is worth noting that it is not only the factory that has been reported to have stopped production, but also the stores at the front end of its sales that have been reported to have bad news. Some Gaohe store staff revealed to the media that Gaohe will close all pre-sales stores, some stores have received notice of closing at the end of this month, and after-sales service is still going on normally, but the follow-up situation is unknown. Similarly, there are other Gaohe store staff also revealed that their experience store may be closed by the end of February, but the after-sales service has not been affected, users can still be in the after-sales service WeChat group, docking with the small housekeeper and after-sales specialist, repair, maintenance and other services are handled.

Data show that Gaohe Automobile is a pure electric vehicle brand under Chinese American Express, which was established on July 31, 2019. Founded by Ding Lei in 2017, Chinese Express is mainly engaged in the R & D and sales of new energy vehicles and core components, research and development of technologies related to new energy and intelligent and self-driving cars, as well as intelligent transportation related products and technology development services. As a founder, Ding Lei has rich experience in the industry. he has served as vice president of SAIC Group, general manager of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., party committee secretary / general manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd., deputy director of Shanghai Pudong New area, co-founder of Letv Automobile, global vice chairman of Letv Automobile and other positions. In March 2017, Ding Lei left Letv to set up Chinese Express and launched the high-tech brand in July 2019. Ding Lei has said that Gaohe has been determined to build a global high-end brand from China since its inception.

Or because of the high positioning and high pricing at the beginning, the road of Gaohe Automobile has not been smooth in recent years. At present, Gaohe has three models on sale, of which the first model, the Gaohe HiPhi X, has a price range of 681.8 million and will be launched in 2020. The second model, the high-tech HiPhi Z, will be launched in 2021 and will start at 610000 yuan.

Such pricing also means that Gaohe is taking an unusual niche route. After all, there are only some owners who can buy the model. In addition, as a new car-building force, under the background of low brand awareness and weak core technical strength, the first model exceeds 500000, and sales are bound to be very low. In order to reverse the sluggish sales, Gaohe launched the HiPhi Y last year, the new car positioning pure electricity in the large SUV, the price has nearly doubled compared with the HiPhi X, the HiPhi Y price range is 339000 yuan-459000 yuan.

Unfortunately, the launch of the new model seems to have missed the best of times. After all, the hot-selling models that entered 30-400000 in the market at that time emerged one after another, such as Tesla Model Y, Lulai ES6 and so on. It is not easy for Gaohe HiPhi Y to get a certain amount of sales in this field. Naturally, the models that are pinned on hope do not bear the burden of sales, and the most intuitive consequence is the tension of the capital chain. There is no doubt that the fastest way to get capital is financing when it is not profitable, but Gaohe has also made little progress in this regard. On the whole, the situation of Gaohe Automobile this year is very uncertain.

For the follow-up of Gaohe Automobile, some industry insiders pointed out that the biggest deficiency of Gaohe is the lack of self-research ability of core technology and the lack of unique technical barriers. Sandian and chassis technology mostly rely on mature suppliers, and intelligence has been neglected since the establishment of the brand. This makes them lose their brand value and corporate value in the second half of the competition for smart electric vehicles, and it is difficult to attract peers to take the offer in the face of crisis. The follow-up situation is not optimistic.

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