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Price reduction leads to dissatisfaction! BYD Wuling has been complained by car owners.

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According to the car quality network complaint information, BYD destroyer 05, Wuling Xingguang related complaints increased sharply, due to "price changes." According to the owner of the complaint, the car manufacturer cut the price as soon as it was raised, seriously deceiving the trust of consumers, bringing a bad psychological and practical blow to the old car owner and demanding compensation.

The owner of a BYD destroyer 05 complained that the price of the car raised on January 27, 2004 was 89800, which was directly reduced by 10, 000 yuan in 20 days, and now the price is 79800. Regular users are asking for compensation and compensation.

A Wuling Xingguang owner complained that the price of a naked Wuling Xingguang 150 on January 12, 2024 was 105800 yuan, and the current purchase price was one month and seven days. Wuling officially announced on February 19, 2024 that the advanced price of Wuling Xingguang 150 has been greatly reduced by 6000 yuan, harming the vital interests and legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and now requires SAIC GM Wuling Co., Ltd. to refund the price difference of 6000 yuan.

On Feb. 19, BYD announced the official launch of the honorable versions of Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05, with a starting price reduction of 20, 000 yuan compared with the previous version. Among them, Qin PLUS Honor Edition launched a total of 10 configurations, the price range is 7.98-139800 yuan. Destroyer 05 Glory Edition launched a total of 6 configurations, the price range is 7.98-128800 yuan. BYD says the Honor version is cheaper than fuel cars.

After the price cut by BYD, including Wuling New Energy, Changan Qiyuan, Naha Automobile and Geely Motor, all announced price reduction sales. Wuling Xingguang went on the market in December 2023, the new car launched CLTC comprehensive range 150km, 70km two versions, the price is 105800 yuan, 88800 yuan respectively, after BYD reduced the price of Wuling Xingguang 150km version by 6000 yuan, making the price of the whole system less than 100000 yuan.

Due to the pressure on the growth rate of new energy vehicle companies, the focus of competition among car companies has shifted from increment to stock market. A number of auto company insiders said that 2023 market share is the first, profits should lean back, and price reduction is the most direct and effective means to compete for market share. Li Xiang, chairman of ideal Automobile, even declared publicly that "price reduction may not necessarily bring profits, but it can hit competitors."

Therefore, we can see that complaints from car owners after price reduction are particularly common in the past two years, especially in the new energy vehicle market, such as Tesla, BYD, Xiaopeng Motor, Geely Motor, and so on, and with reference to previous cases, even if there are large-scale complaints, compensation plans are generally not announced.

It can be said that the "price war" of new energy vehicles originally belongs to the normal price fluctuation under the influence of the market environment, but the treatment measures of different automobile brands are quite different in the formulation of subsidy price reduction policy, compensation for old car owners and so on. Some netizens think that if you lower the price, you will complain, but why don't you make up the difference when the price goes up? Some netizens believe that it is really hard for consumers who have just picked up their cars, spending thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan more in vain, hoping that car companies can introduce price protection policies, such as car owners who have raised their cars within a week or half a month to make up for the price difference.

Objectively, vehicle price reduction is a market behavior made by automobile companies, and consumers should treat it rationally. When buying new energy vehicles, consumers should have a detailed understanding of the preferential policies of car companies and dealers in advance, sign a price insurance contract if possible, or write the relevant price protection agreement into the relevant terms of the car purchase contract. In the absence of a price insurance contract, the purchase time is relatively short, the price reduction is relatively large, and it is difficult for consumers to accept, consumers can actively negotiate with manufacturers and dealers to ask for a certain amount of compensation to old customers.

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