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Change the name! The official picture of the new Volvo EX40/EC40 is released

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A few days ago, Volvo released the new Volvo XC40 Recharge pure electric version, C40 Recharge pure electric version of the official picture. The new car is the annual model, with the renovation of the two products, Volvo also renamed the two models, the original English name "Recharge" cancelled, updated to a more concise EX40, EC40. Among them, pure electric products will be named after EX, while plug-in hybrid models will be named after "T6" or "T8".

From the release of the official website, as an annual change model, in addition to renaming, the appearance and interior of the new car is not much different from the old model. It is understood that the new car for the first time introduced the Black Edition version, and for the appearance and interior for a comprehensive blackening, black 20-inch five-spoke rims with black interior, extremely athletic in the visual effect.

On the power side, the new car is also expected to have a small adjustment. As a reference, the current sale of 2024 Volvo XC40 pure electric version, long-lasting version, long-lasting version of PRO are rear single motor drive, the maximum power 175kW, peak torque 420Nm, 0100km / h acceleration time of 7.3s, the maximum speed to 180km / h, pure electric mileage of 640km (CLTC). The all-wheel drive high-performance version has a maximum output power of 300kW, a peak torque of 670Nm and a pure electric mileage of 630km (CLTC).

As a well-known Swedish luxury car brand born in 1927, Volvo is considered to be one of the first traditional luxury brands to start electrification transformation. As early as 2017, Volvo has proposed a comprehensive electrification strategy, but it is not smooth on the road of electrification transformation. In September 2023, Volvo announced that it would stop producing diesel cars at the beginning of this year and plans to transform into an all-electric brand by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040. It is worth mentioning that at present, Volvo sales still rely on fuel cars, and the only electric cars are mainly plug-in models.

Take the Chinese market as an example, according to the official website, Volvo currently implements four domestic models in China, including S90, S60, XC60 and XC40, of which S90, S60 and XC60 introduce plug-in hybrid models on the basis of fuel vehicles, while XC40 launches pure electric models on the basis of fuel vehicles. It should be noted that under the background of the substantial expansion of new energy vehicles, the luxury car market has been eroded by new power brands such as Azura and ideals, and it is difficult for the "oil to electricity" model to become the mainstream of the new energy vehicle market.

Volvo's cumulative global sales in 2023 rose 15 per cent year-on-year to 708716 vehicles, an all-time high, according to data. Among them, the Chinese market cumulative sales of 147174 vehicles, sales of the top three models are XC60, S90, S60, respectively, sales of 64758, 37022 and 21140 respectively.

At present, electrification transformation is considered to be an important part of Volvo's sustainable strategy, but from the sales data, Volvo's performance in the field of new energy is very mediocre. In August last year, Volvo stressed that China was one of the most dynamic markets in the world and that the company would continue to accelerate its full electrification transformation in China and around the world. According to the plan, Volvo's pure electric models will account for 50% of total sales by 2025 and will be completely transformed into an all-electric brand by 2030, eliminating all models with internal combustion engines.

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