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The release of the year-end bonus has been postponed by a new force of car building. CEO response

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Recently, some netizens posted on the social platform that the year-end bonus was postponed, pointing out that the CEO and its chairman had promised to give out the year-end bonus in the first week of work after the year, but informed that the year-end bonus coefficient was still in the process after the holiday, specifically waiting until March.

The netizen said in the post that the notice did not specify the proportion of the coefficient and did not have a specific date, and that the provident fund in January had not been issued. As soon as the post was sent, it attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. Especially after Gaohe announced the suspension of production for six months, the topic of postponing the year-end bonus of car companies is naturally particularly sensitive.

Last night, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, responded to the news in a Weibo post. Zhang Yong pointed out that the provident fund in January was not distributed because the provident fund was withheld by the government provident fund center on its own initiative, and because the collection time for the Spring Festival was also delayed, this payment will be uniformly deducted by the government provident fund center on February 26, and some cities have already received personal accounts before February 23.

As for the postponement of the year-end bonus, it said that last year's employee bonus was related to performance review, and the annual performance distribution coefficient and amount of employees would be completed in March in the final review and confirmation, and this information was also internally communicated to employees.

At the same time, Zhang Yong also pointed out that the salary in January was supposed to be paid on February 15, but it was also paid to personal accounts before the Spring Festival (before February 7). In addition, it is added that since the beginning of 16 years, employees' wages / bonuses / social security have never been cashed a day later. It was so difficult last year that I didn't think about a pay cut / layoff.

Many netizens also responded to Zhang Yong's response. Some netizens commented that the management staff of the company is a little bloated, and some of them are overstaffed or improper command, which affects the efficiency and results of grass-roots work, and occupies the resources of the company. It is suggested to sort out the organizational structure and the establishment of management personnel, and optimize those whose abilities do not match first. For the netizen's proposal, Zhang Yong also replied that it is necessary to rectify and streamline the organization and personnel!

Another vice president of Nahan Automobile Marketing Company also commented in the blog post: as an employee who has been in the company for four years, in good conscience, the company has never defaulted on deducting employees' salary performance, and colleagues with strong ability and good performance had a salary increase a year ago. The problem may lie in the construction of our corporate culture. Individual employees really do not know their blessings and are not grateful.

This time, though, Najia has made a quick response to the postponement of the year-end bonus. However, looking back at the car's sales performance last year, we may also understand why the rumored postponement of the year-end bonus has received so much attention. The data show that the cumulative sales of Naha cars in 2023 were 127496 new cars, down 16.16% from the same period last year, including 5135 in December 2023.

To this end, Zhang Yong also issued an article this year to summarize the sales performance of last year, pointing out the problems existing in the operation of Nahan car in 2023. In addition, in view of the poor sales in December last year, it was explained that it was mainly to prepare for aya's CKD export and the launch of the new product L.

According to the official plan, Naha has a global sales target of 300000 vehicles in 2024, with sales of 200000 in China and 100000 overseas. Refer to Nashi car sales of 10032 vehicles in January, an increase of 66.76% over the same period last year. At present, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, although some new forces have achieved mass production and delivery, with the capital market not as expected and financing difficulties, a new wave of elimination of car companies has begun. It remains to be seen whether the car can achieve the annual sales target as scheduled in the new year.

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